Business Administration,
Wisconsin American University,
“I believe in God”,
“I love people, a hair lover”.


Alvin Dubem Okolo,
Lugansk Medical University,
“I believe that, the world was made by love, we should live in love, love to mankind and love to nature, that’s the reason we live and thats the reason we were created”.


Eme Umesi Afoma,
Donetsk National Medical,
“I believe in God, I believe music is what feelings sound like, hence my love for it”,
“I love my friends and family, a big foodie, give me pasta and pizza any day. Vanilla is my flavor. Shoes are my favourite part of my outfit, you’ll find me reading or writing on half the time, I take pictures when I’m bored”.
Ehirim Chikezie,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I’m a christian”
Frank Ufondu Arinze,
Donetsk National Medical,
“I believe in the God”,
“I’m ambitious, funny, calm nd nice nigga” Follow @frank_ufondu
Ismail Rashaidat Omolara,
Food Technology,
Lugansk State University,
“I’m a muslim and I believe in my God”,
“I love dancing, cooking, playing around with friends, simple and friendly, but hate it when people take advantage of me”.
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Udemba TerrificRag Princewill,
Marine Engineering,
Maritime Academy of Nigeria Oron,
“I’m the second child of six, pastor’s son, love the things of God, love playing soccer, I hardly get mad, love working at sea, working hard to be a mariner”.
Awoyelu Babajide Olusayo,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“CEO maximum consults, a human capacity development  and resource management outfit”.
Chidinma Ikechukwu,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I believe in God and also believe and see the best in people”,
“I love listening to music, watching movies, dancing, I’m also big on reading novels and “love””.
Balami Mdama,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I believe in God, love(family, friends & world at large) and self confidence”,
“I like trying new stuffs, tailoring for fun!”
Mohammed Salihi,
University of East London, Kyiv
“Love beautiful girls, team Arsenal, Madrid”.

Khadijah Ajibade,
“Im nice, kind, accommodating but don’t take shit”.


Ceejay Mathias,
Computer Science,
Donetsk National Technical University,
“I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner, so keep LAUGHING# + I believe with GOD all things are possible(with no exception), the  fear of the Lord is the beginning of WISDOM”,
“I love my privacy, music is my thing, fashion is my world + i love every thing lovable
“”Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, I’m possible””.
Evwienure Ovie “slakes”,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I’m from Nigeria, delta state precisely. I’m from a family of five me been the youngest, I have an interest in music and I love sports. An upcoming artist, I’m friendly, gentle, quiet, hardworking and dedicated”.
Onayemi Anuoluwapo,
Donetsk National Medical,
“I believe in God, love, myself, giving and helping”.

Temitope Samuel Ogunsanya,
Computer Engineering,
University of Radio and Electronics, Kharkov
“I believe and trust in God”,
“I’m the C.E.O of Hi5 Entertainment, I can do anything positive for money, single, currently the manager of BIMBO QUEENS. MAGUNS NONII and DJ STONE”.


Aminu Lateef Olamide”Olamide Baron”,
Aerospace Engineering,
National Aerospace University, Kharkiv Ukraine,
“I’m an actor, presenter and a music promoter. The ceo of Kings bridge entertainment or foundation, AOMT clothing and Playhouse in Lagos, Kharkiv and London. A business and entertainment oriented guy, who loves fun, meeting people and travelling,
@baronGoldBoyOla on twitter, BBpin 299bef7c or syke i.d baron.olamide.goldboy, meet and know more about me, so accessible and people say am fun and interesting”.
Dr Rose Alabila,
“I’m preparing for my license exam in Nigeria,
“No matter how many times you fail if u refuse to try again, then success is far from you”.
“I believe in not giving up your dreams no matter how many times you fail”.
Quadri Hameed ‘Mido’
Lugansk State Medical University
“I’m a Nigerian, christian, I’m open-minded, like meeting new people, I’m crazy about dancing n fashion”.
Nnadozie Sunny Wallace,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I’m honest, down to earth, I’m a graduate”.
Huoma Obasiolu,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I believe in God and in charity”,
“she says these words to herself with a lovely smile,”I Know Who I Am,I Can do all things and be Successful in them because the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.
Dayo Oshin(Dj Stone),
Zaporozhye State Medical University,
“I believe in God, music, love and hard work”,
“I’m trying to change the world, making it a better place in my own little way, pls kindly add my fan page, God bless you.
Valentine Ukomadu,
Graduate of Ternopil national Technical University, Ukraine.
“I believe in Reality”,
“I love fun and am a cool and easy going person”.
Seun Adeniyi,
Lugansk National University,
“I believe in God and Honesty”,
“I love listening to music, laughing, follow me on twitter @mssheun_kel”.
Ohuche Okechukwu,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I believe in God, perfection and love”,
“I love reading, playing football, singing, I love being heard and shown affection by d people around me”.
Fred Martins,
Crimea State Medical University,
“I own graphic designs, iMAGE-fred and CARTOON.BRAID”.
Edidiong Akpan,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I believe in God and I’m of the opinion that “anything worth doing is worth doing well”
“I’m from Akwa-ibom state”.
Uzubuaku Abraham Ifeanyi,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I believe in God first of all, I believe in working hard to achieve my goals, I’m a simple man that believes in simplicity makes nature treat mankind easy in life”,
“I’m an actor, published a novel in junior high,” THE ORPHAN”, have more unpublished coming up soon, a poet. Grew up with creativity, a founder of  “THE FIVES DRAMA THEATRE” in Lugansk, commenced in 2011 till date”.
Ifunanya Anita Nwabueze,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“Definitely a believer in theSupreme Being, God. A #Jesus kid to the core (I guess…), I’m  also totally an ardent fan of gender equality; a complete male chauvinist (yeah, go grab dem dictionaries) and not forgetting, I strongly believe in the golden rule “do unto others as you want others to do unto you” #teamkarma all the way”,
“I’m a very easy going person. I’m totally into my family (like I have a choice *eyes rolling*) and my friends (the crazy, goofy, dumb and smart ones). Some people think I’m funny (I’m yet to discover dat comic side though). I think I’m fun loving though I feel I’m not at times because of my somewhat nerdy tendencies. I love reading(well, not textbooks, I would have probably been a straight A’s student). I’m totally a drama queen n I’m happiest when I’m eating a good meal (thank goodness it ain’t physically obvious  *pheeew!!!*). If I were to change anything about myself, it would be nothing  because that would mean there’s no longer ME and no one is better at being ME than ME. I’m  ME n that’s as real as it can get and of course I’m Proudly Nigerian, #Good people , Great nation *wink * wink*”.
Famujimi Oluwatobi,
Houdegbe North American University,
“I believe in God, hard work, passion and excellence”,
“I’m lively, spontaneous, fun and a great talker”.
Adeiye Abisoye Anthony,
Lugansk state medical university,
“I believe nothing is impossible”,
“I’m strong willed”.
Oyinloye Oyindamola(chef land),
Lugansk National University Ukraine,
“I’m a workaholic, hard work pays”.
” I’m 28 years old,  from ifewara Osun state Nigeria, chef at chef land word and event management, love cooking and dancing”.
Fejiro Amrophe,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I believe in God almighty”,
“I’m a medical student and I enjoy reading the bible cause it shows me directions, I love fashion and looking good”.
Ayeni Ayoade Adewuyi,
Kharkiv National University,
“I believe in the word of God, the word of God is life it keeps me going”.
Ogunmade Oluwadamilola David(dharmy),
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I’m a Nigerian from Ondo state, a gospel artiste, started as a drummer at the age of 4 and now I play different musical instruments, I started my singing carrier as a back up singer for different musicians in Nigeria, I recorded my 1st single featuring lo-kris in Ukraine(2012) after which I recorded You are God(2012), my latest single with shola Brizzy was released yesterday 6th february. I  chose gospel because its the best way I can thank God for his mercies on me. I’m not from a very rich home and no one ever expected me to be where I am today but I thank God for bringing me this far.
Anajemba Uche Blessing,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I also believe that any thing God cannot do for me should remain undone”,
“I’m a medical student, I love chilling with friends, cooking, blogging, I don’t play with my Jesus and I hate fake people”.
Greg KJ,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I Strongly believe in God as a Christian, in the power of resurrection, mind of good deeds, believes in the law of Karma”,
“I love playing the drums, am very good in the kitchen. Future nollywood great actor, so watch out for moi. In my mid 20s. My Family is my major happiness and I’m a big fan of LOVE!!!”.
Oriaifo Odion Donald,
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I’m a Christian, I believe in open-mindedness”,
“I am very lively, possess a HUGE sense of humour and will resort to laughter, hopeless romantic”. twitter: @omila1stplace .


  1. can anybody tell me how the entry requirments for medcine in lugansk please i have a uk diploma in science, and i also have my gcse math and english need help

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