Papa Oduro Asubonteng,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I believe in honesty and discipline because it takes you places”
“I’m a fun loving guy who loves God and my friends”.


Emmanuel Ogonna Iwueke,
Kharkiv National University,
“I’m a christian”,
“I was born december 24th, to the family of the Iwuekes, I finished my high school in 2008, been to schools like Delsu, Unimaid and Ghana and finally am studying medicine in Kharkiv National Medical University,in my 2nd year. Into comedy, MC, acting and in general I like being the centre of attraction to what makes people happy. I hate people who lack sense of humor and love happy people. Can die for my mum”.


Olubukola Ogunbusuyi,
Ternopil State Medical University,
“I believe in God and myself, I also believe in miracles and that if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”,
“Im a fun loving person, who enjoys the simple things in life, and a good laugh…music lover, love my family”.


Gbemisola Oyewusi,
International Relations,
“I’m a Muslim but believe that fashion knows no religion”,
“An entrepreneur, a fashion designer and a manager. I love mixing vintage and love having fun with fashion”.


Alawode Olatunji,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“Put God first in everything you do, honor your parents, not giving a fuck is good for your health”,
“I hate lairs and impostors. You can’t know the real me unless u get close to me. I love saying the truth, love people who love me and most importantly, I would do anything for the people I care about”.


Amarachi Adiel Wogu,
“I believe in standing out, just being different (I hate cliches)”,
“I LOVE science and really find it fascinating, I can’t imagine studying anything else. I have always wanted to have as much understanding as I can on how everything works, kinda crazy obsession. Im simple and pretty much reserved and I could be nice to a fault”.


Gbuyiro Kolawole,
Zaporizhzhya Medical University,
“I believe in God”,
“I’m gentle, funny, honest, respectful and easy going”.


Kulest Nelie….A.K.A Helen
Believe in a real relationship with God.
Love to be myself at all times. I’m a very interesting person, cool, unique and fun to be with.
Love family friends, haters and me. Love music, drawing and business.


Ajibowo Afolabi
Aerospace Engineering,
“I believe in what Victor Hugo said :
A faith is a necessity to a man. Woe to him who believes in nothing and I believe in my dreams and goals”,
“m a passionate and loving person,i love travelling and exchanging ideas with people and also… I Pray someday am able to lead the Wonderfull peopple of Nigeria..
Like,Music and reading
Dislike, Liars”.


Emma Nuel,
National Pirogov Medical University,
” I believe we need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion”.


Shadrach Cortez Omale,
Donetsk Technical University,
“I believe in God Almighty, and a Christian”
“I love cooking, friendly, organized, well manned, and the Society has showed me Love and I wanna give back to society”.

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Lugansk Medical University,
“I’m a free spirited girl who believes in herself and I don’t think there’s anything I cant achieve if I put my mnd to It”,
“I Love reading inspirational books and I love being around challenges and people who broaden my sense of reasoning and help improve me positively. I love adventures, having fun, keeping cool and crazy friends, chatting and kiping it real all the way. I’m bold, unpredictable, funfilled, nawti and so much more. You can follow me on twitter @angelmimiee or Facebook .. angel mimi”.


Arabi Ayomide AKA Ay pumpin,
Computer science,
East Ukrainian National University,
“A Christian and by the way I love my haters”,
“I’m an artist, cool and an easy going guy, the girls type and cute. Follow on twitter @pumpinnoni”.



  1. Pls I need the contact of a Nigerian schooling in kharkiv national medical university. I need firsthand info.

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