Hope you have fun as you meet students from far and wide… see drop pages πŸ˜‰

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Ivomah Magaji,
Donetsk National Medical University,
Believes in God, Hard work, love, perfection and excellence,
Loves reading, cooking, singing …basically loves everything that is good.

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Emmanuel Blesyn,
Computer science,
Olabisi Onabanjo University,
Jesus died for me,
Inquisitive ana a realist.


Roy Agiang (RoiEezy),
Donetsk National Medical University,
Lies are the catalyst of any problem, only hard work yields profit, a laugh a day keeps the headaches away, God rocks, don’t let a situation instead make the situation,
He’s in his mid 20’s, Nigerian from Obudu Cross river, Medical student (thoracic surgeon in the making), basket baller and a musical artist, can make Michael Jackson look like a learner on the dance floor, hate lies, loves good music, plays the acoustic guitar, piano and drums but wants to learn to play the bass guitar, enjoys travelling, appreciate the gift of life, appreciate God daily because despite all odds Oluwa is involved.

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Ahmad Rukkaiyya Agyina,
Donetsk National Medical University,
Life ain’t a bed of roses,
She’s a lady living in her own world, loves dancing and talks alot, doing her things and not giving a f*** about what people say, “your opinions about me, keep them to yourself”.


Tayo tee,
Lugansk State Medical University,
Believes in God,
Comedian, Presenter/MC, loves comedy, Funny, outgoing.

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She believes in God, The Last Day. Nothing in life comes easy.
February born, Lagos born and breed. In love with military. Tearing people open to save their lives is her dream in life.
Loves GOD, FAMILIES, FRIENDS, FOOD, MUSIC, DANCING. As much as she hates reading, she reads a lot 2 make good grades, she tries as much as possible not to offend people and wen she does, giving an apology is not a problem. Hates being given the silent treatment, she takes the truth so BRING IT ON!

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Bernard Bruce Annan,
Donetsk National Medical University,
Loves politics.

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Aisha Suleiman Zuntu,
Medicine (Neurosurgery),
Donetsk National Medical University,
God, Islam,
She likes sincere and straight forward people, hate people that pry into other people’s affairs, doesn’t talk to much, enjoys her moments of silence, reserved person especially to strangers, I don’t do things to please anybody, she is always herself, does things the way she likes and feels most appropriate with and cares less what the world thinks.
She has her ups and downs, a very difficult person to understand but if you can understand her then you’ll know she is an outstanding personality and loves mathematics.
3 wishes – “Aljanna Firdaus for me, my family and loved ones, accomplish my mission, see if I’d possibly marry WIZ KHALIFA, he has my heart”.

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Dr. Ben A. Omodara,
Donetsk National Medical University,
Believes in God contrary to what people think, Catholic, work hard and play hard,
“Fine boy, hardworking, smart kid, love my lovers and will try my best to do more to make haters hate more”.


Mimi Jinge,
Medicine and Surgery,
Ivano frankivsk national medical university,
She’s a Nigerian studing at Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University, a sagittarius, also a Tripple C- Calm,Cool n Collected.


Oladiran Icon Adesua,
Electrical Engineering,
Donetsk National Technical University,
Believes in one God and a true sense of humanity,a catholic, proud of his faith,
He is Godly, organized, Intelligent, well-mannered, friendly, optimistic, patient, nice, a patriotic Nigerian and a very sociable person.


Sultan Sanusi,
Computer Engineering,
Donetsk National Technical University,
“God is love”, the only even thing in this world is the number of hours in a day. The difference between winning and loosing is how you use them. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Music aficionado, I hate the fence and grey areas, clarity always.

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Abdullahi Aborode,
Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
Robert Gordon University,
World peace, Optimism and Realism,
He’s a young man, with a vision of alienating impossibilities.


Ezinne Peace Ama Njoku,
Donetsk National Medical University,
She believes in God,
She’s reserved.

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Anthony Franklin Ohiz
Marine engineering
Maritime academy of Nigeria Oron
To serve my nation
Loves to meet people, last child, loves to do the work of God.

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Sani Khalil,
Medical Laboratory Science,
University of Maiduguri,
He’s an easy going fellow, witty adventurous and charming when he needs to be.

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Aboh Blessing,
Crimea State Medical University,
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry,show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile
She’s loving, caring, loves dancing, likes making new friends and loves studying.

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Inyang Menyene Ekan,
Crimea State Medical University Ukraine,
Everything happens for a reason,
He’s loving and caring.

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Omirinde Musinat,
Donetsk National Medical University,
Islam, to believe in one’s self is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture,
She’s someone who is positive towards every aspect of life, she’s also an intelligent,sensitive,beautiful and God fearing person.


Jay Onoh,
Kharkov National University,
What goes around comes around,
He dislikes pretenders and liars; loves basketball, free headed, loves the good things of life, loves egusi soup and could be very annoying, does things his way and gives no crap about what people say,
“Hate me or Love me, id still move on.

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Ogbanje Peter Amedu,
Donetsk National Medical University,
He believes in true Fellowship with agape; graceful living and the unmerited life in the law of karma; Practice what you Preach;
He’s boring to be with; loves music; basketball; fashionist; artist and loves God.

photo 1

Oge Jayne Chukwukeme,
Mathematics and statistics,
University of maiduguri,


Daniel Christian,
System Engineer,
East Ukrainian National University,
Always try something new,
He’s a hip MC, a baker and loves to joke.

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Emeka Nwune (Emeka Hypnotic)
Lugansk State Medical University,
Anything worth doing at all, put in 100% effort; if u see something good support it because you might be in their shoes,
Likes making music, playing pool, likes having fun and loves enjoying the good things of life, likes making new friends, he’s a calm loving person.


Ruth Munthali,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I believe in being the best i can be in order to fulfill my purpose on earh”
“Im a Jesus loving freak, I love to make noise, addicted to shoes, I love to sing”.


Peter O. Falon
Computer and Network Engr.
I am tenacious and prehensile, love innovation, creativity and music.
It’s my pleasure to make others happy.

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Simon Barry Rhema,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I am fun to be with, cool, I love to think big,chatting, reading, making people happy, shy and I’ve got crazy faith”.


Edeh Godwin Uchenna,
Dontesk National Medical University,
“I believe in a true relationship with God”.
“Im a cool guy who loves to do what he wants to do”.


Akinyemi Aminat Okikiola,
Economics and Cybernetics,
Kharkov University,
“I believe in islam”,
“I’m from Lagos, Nigeria”.


Victor o’frank,
Lugansk Medical University,
“I’m a christian and I believe in God”,
“I’m a film maker and a photographer in Ukraine “.


Ozichukwu Osuocha (Ozzi),
Electro-Mechanical Engineering,
Donetsk National Technical University,
“I believe in God, handwork and staying positive,
“I’m cool and fun to hangout with, I’m a musician,
I love Music, Dancing, Drawing, making new friends and having fun”.

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Abdulmajeed Abdulrauf,
Usman Danfodio University Sokoto Nigeria
“I believe in Allah”
“I have a great passion for Islam, I like keeping good friends and care for them, am just me”.


Natassia Shaleen Russell,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I believe in a loving God who has revealed himself and can be personally known in this life, with Jesus Christ, my focus is not on religious rituals or performing good works, but on enjoying a relationship with God and growing to know him better, I believe the Bible reveals God’s personality, his love, truth and how one can have a relationship with him.
“Generally I have a passion for empowering orphans, show them they can be loved even when they feel they’re all alone, take them to a level where they can focus on bettering themselves and realizing their full potential, I love shopping, Used to play tennis alot but not so much anymore. I read alot of novels in my free time and love to watch documentaries about real life stories. I love to have fun, never a dull moment with me around…at least i like to think so and I love to sing.\

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Eshegbe Emmanuel Zoe,
Electrical Engineering,
Donetsk National Technical University,
“I believe in Christianity”,
“I love reading, travelling, talking and making friends”.


Oluwamuyiwa Oyinde “Luluvich” Olaoluwa,
Bukovinian State Medical University,
“When I’m not deciphering histological slides, I indulge in my other passion; writing. I have a strong craving for knowledge so I guess that’s what makes me a good student. I’m a Christian, born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m the only son of my parents and also the first born. I’m still confused as to if I’m Yoruba or Edo so Lagosian will do just fine. A movie buff, an author(albeit not yet published), an concept creator, a critic, a fan of classical songs like Tchaikovsky’s nutcracker and Beethoven’s sixth symphony, a connoisseur of foreign languages and cultures, an abhorrent hater of one night stands, a fanatic for Greek mythology …………..needless to say, I’m a certified freak of nature. After all, I’m fearfully and wonderfully made”.

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Okoye Chioma Precious,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“Out of something bitter comes something sweet, IΒ  respect everyone but fear God”,
“I’m nice, respectful, very friendly, hardworking, loves fashion and dancing”.

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Ifeanyi Eya,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I believe in God”,
“I’m an outgoing, loves music, football, I’m fun to be with and a Leo”.

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Opemipo Adetifa,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I believe in God”,
“I’m positive about my life, there are a lot of things I love doing but these are few; thinking, watching movies, being alone, beauty, fashion and I love me”.


Victor Ohwo,
Donetsk National Medical University,
Believes in God and in charity,
Nice person, most of the time, I love taking pictures (portrait and landscape), I like rock music, doctor to be (probably a pediatrician), quite funny.


Paul Falon,
Computer Engineering,


Bodinga Boyiga Nuga,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I love Being Humble, hate Proud People, love associating with people, love travelling including exploring new food, culture, traditions and their people. I like to talk with people, I’m interested in interior design, I love fashion, soccer, cycling and perfumes.

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Onyinyechi Chidera Chiagorom,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“Err…I believe in God”,
“I love dancing and hanging out with friends”.


Gideon “Tuta” Gideon,
Computer engineering,
Donetsk National Technical University,
“I believe in God”,
“I like making new friends, I can not change the world but the little effort I put in can make a difference. I do not judge anyone for i don’t have the power to, I do music for fun and well its a great hobby.


Emelike Jimi Emeka,
Medicine &Surgery,
Lugansk Medical University,
“I believe in God, Family, Making money before women, I believe in working hard, I believe in love, I believe in One man and one woman, I believe you should improve yourself daily what the Japanese call “Kaizen”, I believe in focus or “kime” and I believe you can be absolutely whatever you can imagine in your head”.
“I sing, I’m a producer and I’m on the board of a budding music label run by me and my brothers (Victoria Oyiya Records). I’m also a karataker. I spend most of my time making music, reading, in the gym, making friends, talking with friends, my real G’s and the beautiful women in my life that care about me and support me.
I’m inquisitive and would go any length to know about any thing that interests me”.
if you want to know more about me,you can follow me on


Olaitan Elugbaju,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I love God”.


Olusola Oluwamakinde,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I always impress myself, always seeking for respect, growth, peace of mind, love and truth around me, life is not that hard, so live one day at a time and be happy”.


Nii Sorse Tackie-Yarboi,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I believe that since we have been Created by God then it will only take God to sustain us”.
“I love reaching out with the Gospel of Truth.
Play Basketball,FIFA and Love to Help when the need arises”.


Dr.Daniel K Darko,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I believe you are the maker of your lot and the sole accountant of your life, You determine the cause of event in your life because God has given us the mandate to dominate and the ability to create to your desire”.
“I am a lover of gospel music, a multi-instrumentalist, a student leader”.


Imonikiro Eva,
Donetsk National Medical University,
“Fun loving, Crazy, Cool, Pisces, Nigerian. When life gives me lemon, i make lemonades out of it, I love Rihanna!! I’m crushing on Big Sean..#okbye”.

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Akinseye Akinloye “de magnus”,
Kharkov Radioelectonical Insitute,
“I believe in Grand hustle and God”.
“I’m an artiste, love music, cooking, chilling, reading and making friends”.


Darlington amadi(dacypher),
Lugansk State Medical University,
“I believe in hardwork and dedication, always puts God first.
“I Love Dancing a whole lot, Loves music, plays football and a huge fashion lover.

photo 1 (2)

Ojo Olutayo
Donetsk National Medical University,
“I believe in myself and God, I believe in life and destiny and that what would be would be. I believe in strength, courage and hard work”,
“Well, I’m a straight forward person, I hate lies and deceit, pride and disappointments, I’m not too friendly, I like to help when I can, I love dancing, watching series and dancing again. I like to look good in everything I wear and my favourite food is rice”.


Ibraheem Yakubu,
Quantity Survey,
ATBU bauchi,
“I believe in truth”.


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