Kshow photography

Seeing photography through kshow’s lens,
Here’s his version of winter banquet,
Have a swell time !!

086-IMG_8113 103-IMG_8132 101-IMG_8130 099-IMG_8128 095-IMG_8123 093-IMG_8121 089-IMG_8117 090-IMG_8118105-IMG_8136 107-IMG_8138 108-IMG_8139 109-IMG_8140 110-IMG_8141 112-IMG_8143 113-IMG_8144 115-IMG_8146 116-IMG_8147 117-IMG_8148 - Copy 118-IMG_8149 120-IMG_8151 124-IMG_8155 125-IMG_8156 126-IMG_8157 127-IMG_8158 129-IMG_8160 132-IMG_8163  136-IMG_8168 138-IMG_8170 139-IMG_8171 141-IMG_8173 144-IMG_8176 146-IMG_8178 151-IMG_8183 154-IMG_8187 158-IMG_8191 - Copy159-IMG_8193 - Copy 162-IMG_8196 - Copy 163-IMG_8197 164-IMG_8198 165-IMG_8201 166-IMG_8202 167-IMG_8203 170-IMG_8206 173-IMG_8209 172-IMG_8208 175-IMG_8213169-IMG_8205


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