Presenting, one of Ukraine’s finest upriser, a medical student, and an awesome artist …… y’all be sure to see her video below, and don’t forget to leave your comments…. see y’all soon 🙂 P.S. I’m so sorry for being MIA!

TheUpriser : Basic information about yourself?
Peace : Ayodele Peace Adetoke, Female.

TheUpriser : What do you do?
Peace : Medical Student, V.n Karazin Medical University, Kharkov.

TheUpriser : Do you consider yourself an upriser?
Peace : Definitely.

TheUpriser : What inspires you?
Peace : God. A desire to fit into his plan.

TheUpriser : Any mentors you look up to?
Peace : I don’t have a mentor in the real sense of the word, Cece Winans and Lara George are more like role models.

TheUpriser : You have so much passion in what you do, what prompted it?
Peace : When I was very young, I used to spend…

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