As words run short,
I get caught in a whirl wind
A harmonious dance
And all I do is fall deeper in love with You,
But expressing or relating how I feel
Remains insufficient
Probably ‘cos my vocabulary just isn’t enough

You see,
He won my heart,
Capturing my mind,
I’m engaged in a love-bond
He welcomed me into His arms
Inviting me in,
Making me the subject of His pleasure

Now between this and that,
In between quick gasps of air
Trying to describe a love, indescribable
I pause to think
Just maybe the dictionary is deficient
Or maybe words just ain’t good enough
But still I choose them wisely
‘Cos by words, His son was sent
A living proof, the word made flesh
He was present before all things
And by Him are all things made
The perfect sacrifice
Willing, He stood in my place
Enduring the grave
Forbearing the shame

All I’ve got is praise,
‘Cos if there are words for Him, I still don’t have them
But what I do have is this good-news
That says;
Justification has a name,
Joy has a name,
Health has a name,
Peace has a name,
Safety has a name,
Success has a name,
And that name is Jesus!


Hillsong – Christ Is Enough



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