An interview with The freshest Upriser, Jid Vocals


Hey everyone, trusting you are still enjoying the freshness of the new year, and still sticking to those goals and aspirations written down as “new year’s resolutions”, decide to actually do and not wish this year…. Anyways enough of my rants, today I have with me in the studio *anytime I hear “studio”, my greater curvature rumbles in excitement, because I know that would be my reality in a few years* the talented and very friendly Jid-Vocals… Hope y’all get inspired as well as entertained… Enjoy 🙂

TheUpriser : Basic information about yourself?
Jid : Ejidike Ugochukwu Chinedu, Male.

TheUpriser : What do you do?
Jid : I’m a Brand Initiator at “Jid.PM” that comprises of Jid-Records and a project management outfit.

TheUpriser : Do you consider yourself an up-riser?
Jid : Absolutely.

TheUpriser : Describe yourself, give us a little insight into you.
Jid : Am a dream chaser…

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