2013!! so tis finally over, seemed only like yesterday (I’m sounding cliché-ish abi?) …..
Well, the beginning of this year came with the eventful and uneventful too, it came with an overwhelming urge to get things right, getting better results by making major changes, to grow, to manifest His glory more, to serve more, to give more, to love more…. Bleh bleh…
In the course of the year I learnt how to set goals, maintain a focus, serve God better……. even though I learnt majority in the last months (because to be thought something and actually understanding what is been taught are two different things), well the most important thing is I learnt something, I also reaped the fruit of my words (this life is more spiritual than physical, “things don’t just happen to us, we let them happen”)……..
I’ve been blessed with words and people…. 🙂 A few other people left (friends turned strangers) and someone I knew passed… 😦

So before I start getting sentimental about things, first things first, God has been awesome, My! He’s been my support, my help, my provider, He’s been more than enough, He’s been faithful, safeguarding and keeping me….. There aren’t enough words to qualify His goodness to me during the course of the year and thankfulness doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what I feel right now…. (Singing, “all I have to say is thank you Lord”) 🙂

Sinach – With All My Heart

Now in this post I’m going to try to count my blessings;
I didn’t fall ill not for a second in the year 2013, this was definitely His mercy and grace flourishing in my life, cos I heard stories this year, let’s just say they were not so joyful news.

I used my brains for more productive things other than being an adviser and a medical student, I started two blogs, not one but two, *screams* here : THE STUDENT’S BLOG and TheUpriser……. And they thriving quiet well I must say, cos I ain’t the vocal or even the written one with what I feel and think most times, I just think them and conceal them, so yes I wear the perfect mask most times….so thank God for making me discover this part of me and you for taking out time to read.

Made some solid relationships this year, precious hearts, they’ve instead of squeezing grace from my life, they’ve allowed me feed from them (free of charge) and they contributed to my growth this year. God bless you!
Lost some friends too this year, Laolu passed, and others just became strangers 😦 …. If you are wondering how bad this is; we now live in different worlds, thinking different thoughts, simply on different pages of life… *sigh*… I’m not so sure of what to say concerning this one, “we loose some we gain some I guess”…..*shrugs*….
2013, was an eye opener… I realised I ain’t as strong as I thought I was (In my head I always had a red cloak with an “S” for superwoman. I was saving the world and didn’t need saving *laughs*), don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing…

Also started my nappy hair journey, with transitioning, didn’t have the balls to cut it all off *hides*….. But it’s been 7months now and the results are great… Took off the weak ends on the 6th of December… And had this gorgeous fro…..I loved it anyways, and I was impressed!…. *I know right* #teamnatural 🙂

Finally, this post won’t be complete without mentioning these ones, these ones made my 2013 awesome and utterly fulfilling ….
My Doxa family (Papa, Pastors and the disciples, y’all have encouraged and helped me grow in so many ways, God bless you!)
My Family (these ones we don’t choose neither do they choose us, but still they love irrespective of….. You’ve been supportive and you’ve loved… God bless you!)
Ayobami (my teacher, friend, confidant, now my own besty; one of the few people that added virtue to my life in a few months, I love you too much!!)
My darlings; Malish, Bintu, Qhaito, Et, Blesyn, Afo, Victor (contributed to the blog’s growth, God bless you), Trust, Sheddy, Onyi, Rukky, Seun, Kay, Ifunanya, Ebube, Barry (you showed the blog so much love and support, God bless you!) Wale, Ivomah, Ay, Diran, Olaitan, Trigg, Rose, Zainabu, I found family in these ones, and my heart is gladdened by mere thoughts of you….. Some of you made impact in a very short time, others, you stuck to me like glue, through it all you remained……
These ones, are the ones I’m well pleased in, y’all made my 2013, A-W-E-S-O-M-E, and I’m glad and proud to be associated with you, God sees your sacrifices of love and would reward you abundantly…. God bless you!
Whew, so that’s my 2013 in a few lines ….. And I think it turned out pretty well, but I’m looking forward to 2014, to achieving bigger goals and applying all the knowledge acquired in 2013. I’m excitingly looking forward to my next level in its full glory….. 🙂

2013’s manifestation in photos…….. plenty throwbacks 🙂 🙂 .. enjoy



Lara George – Dansaki


6 thoughts on “2013, IN REVIEW

  1. Thanks alot aisha, although na only one pinshure I see my self, next year na 5 me go dey oo. Well to next year dear. Love you and Betty together.

  2. Hi dear! I just knew I couldn’t gett off reading and escaping as usual. I had to drop a comment (like i’m always encouraging people to do 🙂 )
    “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards ” – Søren Kierkeggard
    I love your chronicle. Its real.
    Keep shining. Cheers to an uberresplendent 2014!

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