The hibiscus dancing to opposite side of wind
The wind even with legs and hands
With a monstrous force that decapitate a country
Every tree uprooted from the source
Yet our hibiscus blooms and talk like the sun lightening up a day
Even the doves fly higher than the eagles
The snail runs faster than the cheetah
In our desert is abundance of flowing water from unknown source
I wish I could stop the current but it flows like a tsunami
The tangling sound of our hearts boozing out just like a church bell
Darkness walking in our arena, but our hair gives light
Just like the chameleon changes and blends with nature
In your habitat I dwell, listening to the voices of the seasons
As winter gives birth to spring and spring bring forth summer
Till autumn returns for the white snow to linger on the surface of water
Even under the waters the fire never stops burning
And we were  so warm all covered in sweat as we make a tent in the north pole .
………………. Ayodeji


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