One day,
He’d know your name,
Not just by the way it’s spelt
He’d know your age,
And birthday
He’d know you are young,
Accompanied by the name’s of your parent’s
He’d know your laugh lines,
And the intricacy in your scars
He’d know why you wake up at 4am most nights,
And how you felt when you lost a dear friend
He’d know why you picked up alcohol,
Just so you could block out the pain
He’s going to know your phobias,
And your dreams
He’d know your strengths,
And weakness
He’d know and feel,
When your emotions have been bruised
Or when you need to take a piss
He’s going to know all of it,
Every single detail,
From the top of your head to the sole of your feet,
In and out,
And he’s still going to love you
For you.

– ‘leye


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