Hey y’all, so I thought to drop an oldie from the archives …..Have an awesome night πŸ™‚

Ok, I admit it, I miss you
Maybe a little too much,
I probably haven’t said it often,
To avoid being tagged desperate

You’re the guy all my love quotes and poems are about
This inclusive
Thinking of you right now,
My heart grieves, crawling into my self absorbed shell

All I think about is you,
Yes, we argue but still we talk and make up
Yes, we fight but still we kiss and hug
In all the falls of love, we laugh and smile,

Wanting to wake up each morning in your arms
Comforted by your oddness, and
Seduced by your knowledge of my ways
I’m sick of crying, even though I’m smiling
Inside I’m dying, yet I’m still trying

Give me a chance to care for you again,
Let me once again be the one you share your “moments” with
Let me be the one you come back to,
Cos with me is where you’d call home.



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