Hey y’all *waves* everything’s great, I hope, I’ve been busy setting up a new blog, did I hear someone shout GROWTH!! Yes!! you could check that out here >> TheUpriser << and before I forget, here’s another two perspective poem, and another wallpaper to go with it :), you could checkout the first one here …  Have an awesome weekend 😉

The first time we met,
My knees felt weak,
They buckled
In a knot, they entangled
Like two left feet,
I stumbled,
I fell,
Hopelessly, helplessly,
In love with you
And from that day hence,
I’ve falling a couple more times than I’d like to admit
Time passed,
And I’m dreading the very first day I met the bottom
‘Cos you weren’t there to pick me up.

The first day I saw her,
I met with an imagery of perfectness
It was in the twinkle of her eyes,
The gentleness in her smile,
The kindness her heart sang,
At that instant I knew it was love
I had falling for the one,
I felt my cheeks flush
But the leap in my tummy met with a sudden sadness in my heart
She’d never fall for someone like me
I’m not her type,
I’m not enough for her.

You have no idea you we’re thinking about the same person who had the same thoughts about you.



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