94 – when the teacher says you can be free without absence

There’s this sudden burst of joy that grips our hearts when we find out we have an 8:00am class…ha-ha, I had you didn’t I? Truth is, there is nothing great about early classes and we are not the least bit excited to be part of them. As a matter of fact, every morning when I’m forced to wake up for lectures I imagine I’m a vampire and my alarm clock is a human so I could suck it dry of every ounce of blood it has. Don’t get me wrong early classes are not something that was cooked up in the devil’s kitchen, they are just that…classes…and with every class there is always promise, anticipation and a measurable amount of fear attached to it: that all we have studied all night would move out of our brains the moment our professors ask us questions. But, nonetheless, we are more than happy to be attending our first class of the day.

            However, the same can’t be said for our last class. By the time it’s about 2pm that same day, we are tired, drooling and waiting for the unexpected end of our sad, laborious lives. That is the time when the unfailing law of diminishing returns kicks in and all we are able to think about are beds, lunch and homemade pancakes. At this time we mostly head less than majestically to our classrooms slowly, eyes red, face straight like zombies that have come to take over the world. Then we get to class, take our sits, the teacher walks in and says something truly wonderful: IF YOU ARE TIRED, YOU MAY GO AND I WOULD’NT RECORD ABSENCE FOR YOU.

            In my experience, people’s first response to this is  “REALLY?” and I don’t blame them, who wouldn’t want to double-check that. If the teacher can boldly say that twice, then our lives suddenly change. Our eyes brighten and our lips spread apart with a beautiful smile that today is over and earlier so. We don’t have to give anyone our invaluable attention for the rest of the day, we don’t have to struggle to understand what the teacher is saying any longer, and we don’t have to hide our faces under the desk to take a 35 second power nap. All that is history, because we are free, free I tell you, free. Free to do whatever we want to do, free to chew bubblegum like an herbivore chewing cod, free to laugh as loud as you want, free to shout the name of your best friend so you can share some juicy gossip with them, free to finally write that blog post that you’ve been postponing for over a month. Free to just be you and not what the teacher wants you to be. And the best part, there will be no consequences: no absences, no reworks, and no guilt: just you and your two hours of immediate freedom. AWESOME.

Victor Enahoro Ohwo


6 thoughts on “100 AWESOME THINGS ABOUT MED SCHOOL by Victor

  1. i must say a big kudos to the writer of ‘100 awesome things about med school’..i love evry single one of dem nd hw u cn so relate to dem…oh how i wish i cud hear dose words ‘you can be free’ for my chem class on weds ryt afta sports!

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