“…Every living man is an “upriser” because there’s hope to be better..”

Voila, the Creative brains behind M’ADE, the one that works 24/7 and says, “NO BREAK TILL I BREAK BARRIERS” is here with us in the studios *coughs* to enlighten us on her beautiful self and how she manages M’ADE. Hope y’all find this particular exposé interesting as well as motivating, checkout her works and be sure to contact her on anything relating to her department. Enjoy 🙂

TheUpriser : Basic information about yourself?
M’ADE : Maryam Adebola, Female, and now in the school of life.

TheUpriser : What do you do?
M’ADE : I’m an HR professional in an IT FIRM and also a creative designer with M’ADE CREATIONS.

TheUpriser : Do you consider yourself an upriser?
M’ADE : Every living man is an “upriser” because there’s hope to be better.


TheUpriser : What inspires you?
M’ADE :…

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2 thoughts on “M’ADE

    1. yes….. I’m sending the questionnaire to you, please be a guest on theupriser? it would be great to have your interview and something motivating, that could inspire someone.

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