Yo!! Hope y’all been having an awesome week? Well, I have :)..and yes, I know you’ve been seeing more poems lately probably ‘cos the blog misses and I miss reading from a certain intelligent interesting contributor, sigh 😦 *he knows himself* you can see what he’s been up to here The Pursuit of Perfection …….. anyways with that said, here’s a poem I wrote awhile ago, not sure why I didn’t post earlier, well here it is … Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚ ciaoies..

As smoke dances through the thatched roof,
Into the cold harmattan night
Fear, was one now only associated with the past

Skin black as coal,
Bare skinned breast, supple and tender,
As she moved to the tune of the spirits,
Conducting supplications to the birds of the air,
The spirits of the night nod a go-ahead
She drinks the milk of her fore fathers,
Paying homage as her soul is renewed

Screams let loose, as her trachea gives way
Don’t mistake eyes for hands, she whispers
Remember the things of the spirit are real,
Real, I say!
Her last words echo back

Enveloping wings, convulsing sighs,
There’s no soothing the resistant
Still, one question drifts through their minds
Could she be separated from death?

Communication made to gods, that couldn’t be seen
She swims into the deep dark sea,
Come after me not, until her first cry,
Seconds turned to minutes….

The gods be blessed!
Omolara! She lives! She lives!
Air tearing cry let out, priestess tis done,
My daughter liveth!

As her pretty blue eyes emerged
Morning dew touched her nose
Following her moccasin skin to the tip of her toes
A new life begins!!
A new life is birth beneath the moonlight!

– ‘leye

P.S. If you just thought maybe this poem was birth after some Nigerian movie or it’s just sheer creativity, yea I think so too…Β  πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “THE REBIRTH

      1. It’s a lovely poem, original naija style straight from the sixties – love it! πŸ™‚
        (And THANK you too)

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