Hey y’all *waves* so I know I’ve been away for quiet awhile forgive me, blame it on med school, I’ve moved from psychiatry, to social medicine, to opthalmology, now on pediatrics in 2months !! Who said 4th year was “eat and sleep”?? anyways I’m feeling a little adventurous today, I decided to try my hands on a two perspective poem, and a wallpaper to go with it, should we call that growth? I guess so…. Hope you like it though… Have an awesome week πŸ˜‰

I remember, that it hurt
Seeing her hurt,
I could hear my heart beating
I could hear her heart beating
Not a soul speaking
Even when the room stood still
I was left in cloud 9
A high only she gave
First glance, and
She had me on checkmate
Locked in with every gaze,
We shared a moment, priceless
It lasted a little too long
It had to be broken,
Yet in the silence of these halls,
I’d never forget the pain in those eyes

I remember his eyes full of life
Somewhat in-between the hues of brown
Like hot chocolate on a chilly day
It revealed something I couldn’t detect,
A longing,
It was in the soft words he spoke
As he helped me up, that sunny day
Before I knew it
I’ve been staring for too long,
Too long
I looked away,
But, I will never forget the kindness of his heart,
Or the melodious ring to his hello.



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