100 Awesome Things about Med. School by Victor

#96 – When You get an Extra Follower on Instagram


Medical school is not “easy-peasy lemon squeasy” in any sense of the word. It involves long hours of studying lengthy information for ridiculously lengthy classes. Sometimes it creates a kind of routine I’m very sure your DNA becomes accustomed to, where you wake up at 6am, rush to school by 8, learn till 4:30pm, go to the library where, let’s just face it, you are literally forcing the words you seem to be studying into your fatigued brain, go back home by 7pm, eat your daily meal that consists of nothing more than stale stew from two weeks ago  with chicken that is beginning to look like lizard skin, go to bed early, wake up again somewhere between 12am and 3am, continue from where you left off in the library (if you can still remember), sleep at 5am, wake up at 6am, and do it all over again. It never ends.

                The above routine, however, is for people who take Med. School seriously and actually have some other thing planned than being middle class doctors who are only allowed to stand and watch surgeries or prescribe penicillin in their future hospitals by day, and local abortionists by night. For those serious students, life and time go by like a flash and they usually don’t have enough time to do trivial stuff like, Facebook, twitter, instagram, blogging, surfing the internet like a hopeless couch potato, etc. The crazy thing is, some still try to do this stuff. They still have Facebook profiles, which are active by the way, they have twitter feeds flooded with mentions, they can still take a minute or two to upload selfies that make them look like they descended from the goblin dynasty on instagram, they run their blogs, and they surf the internet REGULARLY. This is tough. Just to cite an example, there was this one time I was immensely tired and I forgot myself while trying to type “google.com” only for me to arrive at “goo.com”, which also happens to be “searchfusion.com” by the way.

                It’s very difficult to find a balance between social life and a career especially in a career like medicine, where both become mutually exclusive. This is why, when someone from anywhere in the world, who happens to stumble upon our instagram wall, likes a bunch of photos we took and even takes it a step further by following us, meaning he’s even ready to get a constant supply of our ugly fatigued faces for as long as he remains active on instagram, we jump up from our reading positions and do the happy dance because it means that within our struggles, our busy routines, our annoying assignments, our hospital rounds and our 3-hour lectures, we still have, at least, a moderately appealing social life and as we watch our followers tally increase by 1, we get that feeling, that amidst popular opinion, someone out there doesn’t consider us geeky snobs who only care about our books and our future. AWESOME.   

Victor Enahoro Ohwo


2 thoughts on “100 Awesome Things about Med. School by Victor

  1. Ah the study train never stops! Sadly not even for social media. But then when I read some posts by mega-blogging residents and docs… I tell myself I’ve got it good right now!

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