This truth now foretold, took years to unfold,
Cos it was locked up, never told
So now she speaks, for she’s done being weak
She’d tell of deep secrets you’d soon behold

She was the smiley one, glowing with mirth
She alone of her closed book held the key to its rebirth
Her eyes sparkle with delight,
Unfortunate, her world is filled with fright
As she dreads the twelfth night

Pinned against the wall, being byte small
Tongue against her bare chest,
Palms touching her button breasts
As she’s forced down, she resolves she’d stay and pray

Bruised and left in dismay,
She doubts she’d ever be safe at home
Caught in a draught, left to roam
She screams with no sound

As she awaits the break of day, out to school
A place where she can act it all out
She’s the loveable, the one everyone feels comfortable around
Little did they know she’s stuck in a rubble,
Consumed by hate, she felt and began to say it was fate,
A reply, to “why are your legs not straight?”

She sheds a tear, often leaving you confused,
When she braves and grins from ear to ear
One to admire, and call dear,
She fights a lone war, no one notices

The nights of cold sweat, as mother’s men creep in,
Crying, weeping, always happened when everyone’s sleeping,
Rounds of pleading, still left bleeding
She felt auctioned to demons for safekeeping

She wonders if she’d survive this life,
Scars incurred, people look and stare, with a lie backing each one
Reflecting on times she felt she was done living,
She was ready to share her voice, this was a choice she had to make

As noon drew near,
The crowd gathered, now surrounded with no escape,
She let out an outcry “I’m being raped”
The deafening silences, peering eyes, seconds after,
Shocked as she’s given, one after the other, a bear hug,
And told, “We’d make this right together”.

– ‘leye


3 thoughts on “THE MASK

  1. My word! So much pain in this. Pain has hardly ever been more beautifully written. We all need shoulders to lean on, suffering in silence solves nothing. Btw, rape is such a cold and horrible thing to do: it’s punishment should be worse. Great poem Leye, bravo!!!

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