This is for our recently admitted medical students sentenced to a life of sacrifice, in the days of old, people who sacrificed their time, normal eating schedule, sleep, and leisure time where referred to as saints, but today they are called medical students, so congratulations!!
Your white coat ceremony is coming, and it’ll be grand. Be ready to wear that white coat for at least 5hours a day. Your orientation might be given in the most non-oriental ways, as you’d be taking directions from the next black person you find on the street, or if you are lucky enough, you may meet me, and I’d be glad to help you out, I’m nice like that!!

A little advice from someone who has been there; when you feel like you’ve gotten very little sleep in days, with huge eye bags, when your latissmus muscles are tying up in knots, and when you feel like your social life is almost dead. Think of the things that make you want to help save lives in the first place, and if you were forced into this profession, let me tell you a story, after it you’d receive a little motivation.


Walking through the hallways of LASUTH, I looked through the window and saw this little girl, about 5 or 6 years old sitting in a wheelchair, she looked pretty sick and I couldn’t begin to guess what was wrong with her, but it looked really bad.
Most times, when I’ve had very little sleep, when I feel I’ve been stretched beyond my elastic limit, I need things like this, to remind me, this is the reason why I’m doing this, why I hit my books. It often makes me think, I’m blessed that I’m well and healthy, and given the opportunity to save lives. It makes me excited by merely thinking of the lives I’d be privileged to help.

I guess we all get caught up in the intense studying most of the time and the general “pain in the ass” that is medical school. It’s easy to lose sight of the reasons we are here. We really are going to be doctors one day. No matter the debates about the problems in healthcare, doctor compensation, the horrifying exams we have to write, the questions of ethics and specialties and the million other things we often worry about… we are going to be great doctors one day. We are going to help people.

– ‘leye


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