Sitting on the windowsill
In my red velvet dress,
The cool breeze soothing my pores
I wonder into the cold night,
Lost in an obscure fantasy

The imaginations, only I piece together
Under this clear weather,
Looking over the blue ocean,
Savouring the moment

Then, I notice a pair of peering eyes,
More beautiful than anything I had seen
Aroused by the excitement in danger,
Enchanted under the stars by a stranger

An experience I yearn to divulge,
A sudden rush of blood into my heart chambers
The perfect gift of nature, soon to be loved forever
Taking a step further,
Like a mirage, you drifted farther
As of restless clouds shifted
Into the dark of night you were lost

The boundaries of this reality expounded
I’m simile bound by the eyes of the unknown
As my minute fortune turned to days of grief

This hunger squeezes tighter,
My soul sags with exhaustion
Ashtrays full with sleepless nights
But every night I’d wait, who knows,
Tomorrow may bring you by.



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