100 Awesome Things about Med. School by Victor

#98: Listening to music on your way to class


You don’t even have to be a medical student to know that when you plug in your earphones, your life automatically becomes a music video. It’s not new, we all know that. Whether you’re going in the morning, afternoon, evening, by foot, by bus, by air, by sea, or by broomstick, once you’re going there with music in the background, it paints a whole different light to the atmosphere at that moment. Suddenly, that gloomy, cloudy morning where the weather looks like it’s about to throw up on you doesn’t matter as long as you’ve got your headphones on and volume up to the max. (Which may cause deafness, BTW)

                Here’s something you may not have heard before: Medical students are chronic music lovers. We LOVE our music to the core. It’s the very heartbeat of our soul’s mode of operation. We love music and pretty much all kinds of it; from classical to Hip-hop, from east coast to west coast, Rnb to BnR, gospel to hard rock songs that glorify Satan, from party rock vibes to songs which seem to have been sung by a very sad and lonely poetic person with a flute, we love them all. Chris brown to Jay-Z to Bruno mars to LMFAO to Vic. O to Mozart to Ludwig Van Honigstein, the one man orchestra. We love them all. Music brightens our mood, clears our minds and calms our frequently active brains. It is our opium. Nothing makes my morning more electrifying than listening to imagine Dragon’s Radioactive which makes me feel like Uranium on my short commute to my early classes. Music soothes.

                Music is awesome. It opens your mind to possibilities, it takes you from your crazy messed up life, your hardly white lab coat, your growling stomach, your heap of work load, and it takes you to a place where everything is fun. A place of euphoria; where, for some reason, nothing seems to matter anymore, as long as you’ve got your MP3 enabled phone and your corresponding earphones, the world has suddenly become a better place, the teachers are going to give you better grades, your long overdue school fees are going to get paid, your lab coat would get washed, your stomach would get food, your work load suddenly seems smaller than it was 5 seconds ago. All of a sudden, Florence and the Machines are telling you that: it’s going to be a great day and nothing is going to ruin it, you’re going to shatter tests today and there’s absolutely nothing you don’t know the answer to. You don’t care if you were supposed to study 35 pages of paediatrics and you only studied 12, you don’t care if the class is by 10:40am and you’re still not there by 11:15am, that live concert moment going on in your head where the beat drops as soon as you step into the lecture hall, is AWESOME.

Victor Enahoro Ohwo


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