100 Awesome Things about Med. School by Victor

#99: When someone else pays for your snacks


Today was a school day (sadly); you had to get up early for your first class at 8am. You didn’t have breakfast, and sadly so. All your stomach can account for as food was yesterday evening’s jollof rice. You’ve been in class ever since, now its break time and you rush to the cafeteria silently hoping that some obese Arabian student has not already ordered the last chicken fillet. You get in line, place your order and the overall price slams your face like the result of a test you didn’t study for. You know you don’t have enough money to pay for all your items, you know you’re going to have to let go of some integral part of what was to be your first meal of the day even if the time is 1:00pm. Then completely out of the blue, someone arrives, doesn’t matter if you know them or not, pays the saleswoman and even asks you if you want something extra which you greedily agree to because ,let’s face it, the chances of this happening again are very slim. You walk away from the counter with a full tray and not a single piece of currency dropped out of your wallet. You feel blessed and a little terrified. You take a seat with some friends, tell them the story, they rush over there; fortune doesn’t favour their brave hearts that long for free food. You begin eating. The fillet is great; it has the right balance of spice and oil, the right egg to chicken ratio, and best of all, you didn’t pay for it .AWESOME.


Victor Enahoro Ohwo.


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