100 Awesome Things about Med. School by Victor


#100: First day of school

Honestly speaking, no one likes resumption. Nothing says let me put my social life on hold for the next 9 months like returning to school after a somewhat long holiday. There is so much scepticism about the new term, we still feel like we could use a few more days of rest and most importantly, we blatantly just hate the fact that once again the hustle and bustle routine of medical school life has returned. Some people even out-rightly refuse to go to school on this day just because they don’t want to, and I don’t really blame them. For most of us returning students, first day of school is as meaningless as breakfast when we have pharmacology at 8am.

                For first year students, this isn’t usually the case. They crave school. They can’t wait to get in for their first lecture or practical class that would plunge them down the road to becoming a renowned or otherwise meaningless medical practitioner. When returning students (especially 3rd year) look at their timetables and cringe, first year students smile at theirs and some even wish it were much tighter. They want to learn, they want to study, they want to work, and whose fault is that? I can’t be jealous of their unrivalled enthusiasm; after all, they are called “freshers”; the green leaves which pop out at the onset of spring and are not aware of the horrible conditions winter has to offer.

                First day of school is mainly greeted with mixed feelings, but I think they are one of the best things of life in Medical school. During holidays, I, for one, am usually bored out of my skin hoping only for a droplet of purpose to fall on my deranged, roaming soul. I would wake up at 10:30am, walk like a troll to the kitchen to check what’s on today’s menu and sluggishly find my niche on the couch directly in front of the television screen watching sitcoms. But when it’s time for school, especially on the first day, I rise at 6:30am, 7:00am latest, prepare for school like I suddenly possess the speed of light, gather my new books, don’t even take a look at the fridge, and just zoom off with my waist girded with the loins of purpose and my feet lounged in the loafers of liveliness.

                The first day of school is awesome. You get to meet old classmates and you find out that you are even happy to see that outsider in your group that just sits mordantly in class like a phone on flight mode. You get to meet new teachers, study new courses, AND NOT WRITE TESTS. You get to revisit the cafeteria and find out they now serve chicken fillet. You get to walk around in your shiny new lab-coat that just re-echoes Rihanna’s verse in Diamonds. You get to open new notebooks and inhale that pleasant fragrance of freshness that is the new notebook smell. You get to meet that classmate you’ve been crushing on since you started yr. 1. You get to go to classes late because you have the ultimate teacher tranquilizing excuse: “I couldn’t find the class on time”. You get to know that your school now has free Wi-Fi in some areas. Most interesting, you get to understand that school is part of your life again, and it would stress you, push your limits, keep you awake at night, make you ignore breakfast more times than a few and utterly drive you crazy at times, but you’ll love it. You’ll love to be back there, and that feeling… is AWESOME.

Victor Enahoro Ohwo

Ps: feels great to be blogging again.


4 thoughts on “100 Awesome Things about Med. School by Victor

  1. “And that feeling is awesome”. Nice one! Life is a process, and as long as we keep going through it, with excitement, we wouldn’t notice how much of a drag, it can be to others.
    Waking up with anticipation, is a lot better than giving up.
    Your writing is awesome! 🙂

  2. Despite all the med student complainy complainy days, we really do live the life. I mean, who gets to spend all day thinking about really cool human biology concepts at their own pace with interesting, high-achieving people from all around the country?? And if we’d rather skip out to run in a park or eat ice cream or listen to lectures on our own, who’s going to stop us?

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