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Dearest Joe,

That’s the thing, I guess the adage that says, “you shouldn’t try to understand a woman”… Instead all I need you to do is love me, unconditional, despite my faults, reassure me you’d be here even at my worst, that you’d never leave, that I could always lean on you and you’d always catch me when I fall.
I’m sorry I hurt you with the previous letter ( LETTERS OF JOE AND TARAย 005 ), I just felt we had held or I had held on to so much emotion, I had them all bottled up and I always acted like everything was alright, that’s probably the reason we have had so many hiccups, so now I’m ready to lay my feelings all out for you, I want to know I tried to salvage what we have. I really want us to work, but with the recent happenings I guess I’m just a little unsure about your feelings for me, about your stand in this relationship…
I just want a little more reassurance from you, from time to time, I want you to hold my hand, look into my eyes and tell me love me and you’d go all out for me, yes I want the “fairy-tale stuff”.
I love you.


Remember to keep tabs with JUST TALK! and THE STUDENT’S BLOG as we bring you letters of Joe and Tara every Tuesday. See y’all next week. ๐Ÿ™‚


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