JULY, 10

Hey y’all a short story, hope y’all enjoy :)…………………..


Anita slipped in her grey hugging dresses, adorned in gold designs, this dress was one of her best actually, it was the one that revealed just enough curves to make anyone wonder what was beneath it, and still covered her up to look decent enough to meet the “mother-in-law”.
She was getting ready to pull the curtain, drawing the line between a life she just wanted to have and a life she needed to have, a life she’d be eternally happy and grateful to have …..
As she put on her makeup, she read in a magazine two days ago, a topic that struck light where she felt she was caught and drowning in the darkness of in decisiveness;
It read :
1. Wear a decent dress just enough to please the mother at first sight, yet something a little tight to prove to the father you a woman by all standards, that was a shocker as a week ago she intended to wear a skirt and top she borrowed from Kate a dedicated deeper life neighbour just to acquire the impression of “I’m a good girl by all standards”.
2. Wear light make up, just so you might not appear ugly but not to appear as if your “eye don tear” that’s a Nigerian slang for a loose girl, a girl that has seen the world, she felt this was a great idea as this was her conception from start, with just enough blush to cherry her plump cheeks.

Anita was all out to impress the in-laws, she got Mr. Ayafele square shaped white gold diamond cuff-links just the kind that spoke I value your consent, I need your consent, please give me your consent and Mrs Ayafele a new set of cream lace with a set of purple head gear with beautiful patterns that just gave everyone that set their eyes on it a breath of fresh air, all these hoping she’d get their consent and she’d be accepted.
All Ayo’s siblings where grown and out of the house, so she didn’t have to get anything else.
Clunk clunk, sounds made as the knuckles of Ayo’s phalanges made with the mahogany carved wooden front door, in less than 5minutes a rather croaky voice yelled, “I’d be there in a minute”, this was a dreaded yet longed-for moment for Anita, as the nervousness set in, with hot pints of sweat running down her vertebrae column, she knew what often followed, the TOILET, “YEEEEPA! Omo if shit come now naa f*** up ooo”, praying earnestly to God, her bowels don’t mould up any feces, she rubbed her tummy lightly telling herself, “it’s all working out for your good, they’d love you, wait, love? Nooooooo lets start with like, they’d like you”….
Just as the door flung open, and a figure she couldn’t really make out welcomed them in; a heart jumping sound emanated from her bed side table, sending Anita’s spiraling frantically on the floor, bumping her head on the tiled floor, with a loud hiss, she slammed the alarm attempting to give it the same gravity as the bump she just had, it was 7:00am, Olu would be here in 3hours, we are going to see his parents… *YIKES*

– ‘leye


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