I’m me
Not your usual she
A little cocky but mostly free
The queen of hearts, my mother’s princess
Sometimes it’s all I can be

I lose sleep, slowly heading to insomnia
Hope I don’t sign up for hypoxia
I lose my appetite, I lose some weight
Waiting for the perfect date

My physique constantly undergoing mutation,
I remain the centre of my family’s admiration
Freaked by the magnitude of my imagination,
I yet make decisions based on my discretion

Sitting in my blue pair of jeans,
Lost in this mental cyclic routine
I acquire knowledge, I sometimes question,
To avoid stagnation
Still this creation is being critiqued

Bleak of facial expressions
I’m troubled by my collided emotions,
My intentions, sometimes questioned
I may over-think everything or
Question most things,
Yet I find these awkward feelings a constant

Laying in different shades of blue
Another confession, about to be made
Conveyed in an arcade of entangled emotions
You just became the centre of my obsession

Thus faced with a challenge
I hang by a weak thread, now unbalanced
My head takes a leave of absence
As my heart takes the lead,

As thoughts of what should have been flood my mind
I create the ideal scenario, yet to be rhymed,
Scrutinising every good-bad conversation we’ve had
Wishing you held my hands and said we’d be forever

That, I’d be eternally in your embrace
How great those words would be,
As they slip sonorously from your lips
My insides only you may see,
Because this is a feeling I can’t name

Like sugar in a cup of tea
Like the key hole knows its key
Or the hibiscus waits for its bee
Could there ever be a you and me

There’s something your eyelids hide
To this strong feeling you are blind
I remain as a wavering sea ship
Do you want love or friendship?

Acting like it doesn’t worry me
Truth is,
Most times it worries me,
That you don’t love me as much as I love you.



Over My Head – The Fray


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