Hey everyone, I apologize for the break in transmission between the letters, Joe and Tara needed time to think as concerning their future together, lol, well we back with a bang and we are coming to the deciding stage of Joe and Tara’s relationship… keep tabs with JUST TALK! and THE STUDENT’S BLOG as we bring you letters of Joe and Tara every Tuesday. Enjoy 🙂

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Dear Joe,

Now you’ve got me hooked on this love song I can’t get out of my head, I know I requested for a break up, I know I eluded your eyes in the UK, but I did all that for our greater good. I earnestly hoped that would fix us, I hoped it would make us realize how much we needed and wanted each other, how much we craved to be in the arms of the other and just cuddle. Well it seems that dream was all up in my head, I don’t desire to be around someone that can’t fight to stay with me! So, I write a break up note, and all you’d do is disappear of the face of the planet!! You didn’t need an explanation? you couldn’t even ask the simple three letter word, WHY!!?
Can’t say I’m sure of my next line of action, but to say I’m a little disappointed and unsure of your true feelings for me, is all I feel right now.
Beginning to get tired of this push and pull in our relationship, even communication isn’t constant. The one question I’ve got stuck up in my head these past few days is, Is there some other reason, we can’t move one from each other or is there some other reason to fight to be together???? And I think it’s a question you should ask yourself too…
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Take care.

Yours always,


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