*grabs mic* *coughs*
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry for my not so long leave of absence, blame it on my trip to my motherland, now you may be wondering, what about all the other bloggers in nija (Nigeria), well that’s where this adage comes to play “all fingers are not equal, or prolly lets say, all individuals react to a little space differently…well anyways see those as different excuses I’m suggesting to you for me….
So, have been thinking of new things to add flavour to my site, it’s like skittles, with one crunch the fungiform, filiform, and other papillae are at alert, giving it liberation, soo I’d really appreciate it if you roll in your ideas and well, if you haven’t really noticed I’m not one of big grammar, or exquisite use of words, probably that’s because, I had a constant average mark in english language (at least i didn’t fail it right), the only books I read are medical ones, and SOME novels “once in a blue moon”, and to think my mom, has a library of her own, *sighs* the woman is a bookworm, a geek, all the names you can attach to someone that reads a little too much, well guess that wasn’t passed on to me.

Did i mention this is a tribute to everyone that has made my blog a success thus far, all the critics and my encouragers, and the contributors (victor :), afoma, ruth) and everyone that has contributed in the littlest of ways, and my readers, una too much, y’all still read no matter how boring it is, I appreciate you!! God go make una bigger… God bless you BIG !!!
N.B. do not hesitate to hint me if you are interested in joining team student blog…

And to other bloggers that make my day on a reg !! I’m being an extra sweetheart by putting down the addresses to their blogs, do check it out… you wont regret it…… 🙂

Afoma, (pwetty, talented young lady) check out her blog @ Ihunda’s musings: Those Little Things

Boro your encouragement from the start, brought me thus far…. God bless you, he’s @ AAABORODE!

Omooshodi @ JUST TALK! y’all should go see for yourselves ….

Anu, though I didn’t get to tell you while I was around, you are one brilliant deep young woman, @ A World Of Memoirs.

Yellow Igbo Girl

Fairytale Epidemic  an awesome poet !!!

………. others soon to come… 😉

and I promise to be more consistent now, I’m back to base!!

– ‘leye


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