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Over the last four weeks I have combined forces with the very intelligent author of JUST TALK!  and it has been a jolly good ride I must say. This interlude is aimed at pointing out flaws in today’s relationships relating them to our characters: JOE and TARA.

I’d advise you read the past letters if you haven’t read them:

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004- Joe: http://omooshodiblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/letters-of-joe-and-tara-004/ Tara:https://omoleye90.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/letters-of-joe-and-tara-004-2/

So I’m going to be pointing out a few faults that occurred as a result of Tara’s negligence that caused the major hiccup in this relationship; leave your comments below :

1. LACK OF UNDERSTANDING : I’d to a large extent agree with Joe on this one, because, yes, he was insensitive at a point; yes, he could have paused and seen things from Tara’s view, but so what if he didn’t? He was only human acting on his present emotions, Couldn’t she have been a little more patient and pacified Joe a little further? Couldn’t that have spared them a trunk load of pain and hurt and probably promoted the elongation of the relationship?

2. DRAWING CONCLUSIONS BASED ON A BIASED PERSPECTIVE : Another mistake most women in present day relationships make, they make assumptions and draw conclusions based on how they feel at that moment, Isn’t it better to take a chill pill and make your conclusions after you’ve thought about the repercussions? Instead you don’t bother or take a minute to consider the state of your partner, what if you where in his shoes? Would you have done things differently?

3. KEEP THE COMMUNICATION LINES OPEN : Well I can’t say this is singularly Tara’s or Joe’s fault as it takes two people to have a conversation, I don’t understand why you’d be in a relationship in the first place if you aren’t ready to talk, communicating how you feel, what hurts, and most importantly how much you love each other, appreciating  each other.

LETTERS OF JOE AND TARA is a series of articles, on Love, Relationships and Family to be written by the authors of JUST TALK! and THE STUDENT’S BLOG … Keep tabs with us every Tuesday… have a splendid weekend guys !!



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