Get 003 here >>> LETTERS OF JOE AND TARA 003

See Joe’s reply to 003 here >>> LETTERS OF JOE AND TARA 004


Dearest Joe,

I’m glad I got to read from you before embarking on this trip, at least I’d get to clear my head away from all the hustle n bustle of acada. I cant say I fully understand my emotions at the moment either but my eyes don’t light up neither does my heart race when I hear your name anymore, and you don’t even get me like you used to, I know you came all the way to see me but still we seem not to have been or settled at a spot long enough to even talk.

Sweetheart all I’m saying is we should work on our relationship to avoid the impending doom, deep down I don’t want to loose you, but its a price I’m willing to pay to avoid an unhappy home, I really do hope you understand, and see things through my eyes.



LETTERS OF JOE AND TARA is a series of articles, on Love, Relationships and Family to be written by the authors of JUST TALK! and THE STUDENT’S BLOG … Keep tabs with us every Tuesday…


3 thoughts on “LETTERS OF JOE AND TARA 004

  1. Hey dear thanks so much; tomorrow should be our day for the fifth article. We wouldn’t be writing letters, instead you would do a review on her comparing her to the modern day lady pointing out her flaws. All past letters and reply should be posted along with this and brief intro. Once again thanks cos we are half way done (Y)

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