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Sat, 25 of July, a day everyone would regard as special, it’s Carol birthday. She’s the kind of person who preferred simple dinners with family instead of a big noisy celebration with relatives and outsiders, but this year, this had to be the defining moment, she had to sort out her life, what are the things that brought tears to her eyes, the things that lit up her life, the things that let loose a 1000 butterflies in her tummy, what are the things that gave her unusual joy, what are the things that graced her lips with undiluted laughter?? Just before the answers she’s been searching for popped up;

*knocks on the door*
“Who had come to disturb this one moment of my inner thoughts??”,
Carol lived in a four bedroom beachfront house with large deck for outdoor living.  It’s decorated in fresh and lively colors of the blossoming flowers of lily and rose with beautiful paintings hung on walls. The bright, open main floor of the house had hardwood floors and tall ceiling fans and an air condition system available in each room, considering the weather condition in Lagos state. Views of the sea and barrier reef provided her the picture perfect scene as she gazed out the window.
As she took lazy steps towards the front door, peeking through the door hole, it was Jide, the same one, handsome, 6ft tall, attractively fair young man in his early 30’s, an extrovert with a peculiar sense of humor, like none she had ever met possessed.

“Happy Birthday, dear” Jide said, Jide was is Carol’s bestie, they had not seen eye to eye since her last birthday.
That not withstanding they’ve been friends since their university days, and he had proven time and time again to be a friend she could always rely on, hence earning him the title BESTIE, they had shared everything, he had seen her shed tears of joy (fresh out of the university and they both secured the job at two most respected banks in the country with fat salaries, at that point in her life that was all that mattered) and he had also been there to hold her hand through the tears, when she withdrew into her shell in grief (the day she failed that business exam and had to carry it over in their 3rd year in the university).
Carol was an open book with Jide, there was no situation she went through Jide couldn’t dissect, and of course give her a helping and a shoulder to cry on through it all.
Now here he was, Jide looked way finer and a lot more responsible, he had a clean shave and a haircut (she hadn’t seen him on that in AGES!! she ‘d always told him she hated the dreads, he never took care of it !!) with that peculiar glow he always had when he had something up his sleeves, or was it just the fact that they had not seen in a very long time? or maybe she had just forgotten how fine he could look, he was glowing so much it took a toll on her eyes. Confusion, NO!!… a little bit of excitement mixed with a little shame? YES!!
His presence on this day, brought back memories of the birthday before,


July 25 2012
Jide knew Carol loved music. Gbedu (tunes gotten from big drums, that make yoruba women ko mo le), Jazz and R’n’B, her favorite genres. She was always listening to music on her Ipod the slightest chance she got, and her computer was always playing one gbedu tune or the other. She was a sucker for the beats from Nigeria, she kept up to date with all her favorites starting from Burna Boy to Wizki (Wizkid), she always went about how their voices spoke to her feet, she had two horrible left feet by-the-way when it came to dancing, she was more of a sitting-dancer.
July 24 2012
“Carol, I am going to pick you up at 9pm tomorrow,” said Jide,
“What’s the occasion?”
*He knew going out always got Carol excited, she was the kinda of girl that still brought him joy even in her calmness, one of the many reasons she’s his handbag for any occasion at anytime.*
“Just look very pretty, where that short dress we got together from Zara, the cotton velvet one with gold adornments, We are going to your favorite Chinese restaurant and then I have a surprise for you afterwards,” said Jide.
“Great,” Carol thought, “The surprise is probably a piece of jewellery, her best cologne or something useless like that.”


The following day, Jide arrived at 9pm to take Carol to dinner. They ate at her favorite restaurant to her tummies as well as oral favorite, Sirarcha Fried rice, it’s a complicated meal, but she loved the sea food in it, she was a always game for some tiger shrimps, peririnkle, octopus,  just to name a few, there was one thing she hadn’t tried though… maybe some day….
After a very very satisfying meal, with a glass of fresh orange juice and some ice cubes, My!! she felt like she swallowed and antelope, chattering with Jide, very unlike her, Jide had and was still the chatter box, one with a lot humor and wisdom though, as an attempt to to fight of this terror that was about to cause a mental shut down and throw her into a state of complete unconsciousness, Jide  handed in the envelope.
“Go on, open it,” said Jide.
“Okay, with excitement lighting up her face, she tried to feel the envelope, it wasn’t jewellery? What could Jide have gotten?,” Carol thought aloud, with a smirk of confused glued to her face.
She opened the envelope and found two front row tickets to, guesses??? P-square’s concert holding at the center of the city. “Oh wow! Jide, this is a splendid surprise!” she cried out.
Carol couldn’t hide her excitement, she was asking a ton of questions, and telling him how he’s the only person that has known her really well all her life, the fact that he didn’t bother getting jewellery or clothes or shoes instead he got those tickets was proof he new her through and through, generally blabbing, you know how we women tend to talk to much and off the rail tracks because we are too excited to notice we are…..
She paused and said a silent thank you to God for the day she met this loving vibrant man with good looks too, one who any lady would be the luckiest, happiest woman on earth if he took down the aisle. The first day they met; she had always been a geek so the first place she visited as a jambite was the library, she got a mountain of books and planned on devouring them all before the semester was out, as she managed to walk through the hallway with a ton of books that weakly managed to balance on her feeble hands, she bumped into this tall, rather popular young man, she couldn’t see her feet needless say what or who was before her, a rather embarrassing moment but little did she know that was the day she’d look back on with a voracious smile on her face, as she met the one she now calls her best friend, her sweetem, surely, that day God must have been guiding her footsteps, probably the popular saying “OLUWA WAS INVOLVED”, was applied.

Leaving the restaurant, they entered Jide’s sleek black Chevrolet (yea, he had great taste in everything too) all roads lead to the popular Londoner’s club. Pulling off at the entrance, there was already a swarm of people, but thank God for Jide’s initiative, he got VIP first row tickets, she was going to be face to face with the finest twins alive and a host of others LIVE !!!!!!! *screams* she couldn’t contain herself any longer, she could smoother him with a kiss out of the way she felt right now but that might ruin a perfect relationship built over the years, so she was going to respect herself and be civil …………
That night was the best she had ever had at least for that moment, it was what you might call a fairy tale, just without the prince charming or the kiss, so how’s that a fairy tale?? well it felt like her own fairy tale and that was all that mattered, she was treated like a princess, and she felt like a queen, she was generally walking on the clouds built by Jide, she couldn’t have wished for a better birthday at this point.

3am, the show had ended and they both where a little tipsy, staggering to the car, barely seeing the road signs, keeping to the slow lane, he managed to get her home; at this point all reasonable thoughts where clouded, she couldn’t figure out the reason she leaned in, their lips touching it ensued in a kiss, breaking away for a split second, trying to figure out what just happened, still starring into each others eyes, she didn’t mind experiencing that all over again at least so she thought, a strange sensation slowly stirred up in their loins. Jide took the lead, leaning in and kissing her devouring-ly like his breathe depended on sharing hers, sinking into the car seat, all the emotions they didn’t know existed until that instant, came flooding in, they had to let off this steam, they had to have each other.

Rays of the sun peering through the windshield, woke them both up, realizing a momentary rush of probably premature emotions could define the friendship they both have held so dear for the past 6years, this simple mistake had altered her life forever, she couldnt believe she lost the big V to her best friend. Yes!! she was keeping it till her wedding night, how did this manage to happen? Storming out of his car, hurriedly fixing his buttons as he went after her, she slammed the door shut it almost cost him his almost perfect nose; after weeks of apologizing, she came to terms with the fact, he wasn’t completely to blame, but couldn’t she have lost it to someone she could un-apologetically stay mad at?? They promised to move on from that day, tagged a “mistake”, it was never mentioned by either of them, convincing themselves they had moved on….. Still that night altered things in ways, only prayer could fix.

But this was him now, why did it seem like the tension and the air around them was tangible? why was there a level of strangeness, between her and this person that was anything but a stranger? could they just pick up from where they left off? or could this be the moment of truth, the moment they’d decide to either pick up this friendship nursing it back to its former glory or just let it rest forever…….

See y’all next week…… 🙂

you could suggest how you want the story to go, or you could let me keep you in suspense… leave your comments below… Ciaoies !!



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