Sony took back the reins from Microsoft after unveiling their new flagship gaming console, the Sony PlayStation 4. The PS4 which had been kept under wraps for most part of its rumoured existence was unveiled on June 10, 2013 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, Californiaplaystation 4 controller sensor

·         Design: The first thing that would come to the mind of any gamer who just laid eyes on this expertly designed console is its ancestor, the Sony PlayStation 2. According to CNET’s review, “the PS4 looks like a PS2 on steroids”, and they weren’t wrong. The parallelogram-shaped design of the PS4 and its exquisite architectural look, keeps it slimmer and hopefully lighter than its predecessor, the PS3. The surface of the PS4 body is subdivided into 4 sections with the disc slot, buttons, power indicator and vent placed between the sections. The dark and seemingly glossy finish certainly takes it up (if not puts it on top) the pecking order of most beautiful gaming consoles in the market right now.

·         Hardware: The basic specs of the console include: single-chip custom processor of CPU: *86 – 64 AMD ‘Jaguar’ 8 cores, GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next gen Radeon (Believe me, that’s pretty cool). A storage size of 500GB (not confirmed), Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, HDMI port, Optical port. It would come with a wireless controller (more details below), mono headset, AC power cord, HDMI cable and USB cable (one of each).

·         Connectivity: It has been said that the PS4 would still maintain the PlayStation Plus subscription across all platforms. Meaning that you could still get free games every month, if you are, or would be a PS Plus subscriber either on PS 3 or on PS Vita. The first free game would be DRIVECLUB.

The PS 4 is claimed to be able to work and operate properly without an internet connection, which not only puts it ahead of Microsoft Xbox One, but also ahead in countries without constant internet connection.

Remote play allows would-be PS 4 owners to play their favourite games on their PS Vita, via WiFi.

A PlayStation app is being introduced to enable gamers connect with friends via other Sony gadgets like Sony Xperia Z tablet.

Gaikai technology will let you instantly try out sections of any game that catches your eye on PlayStation Store.

·         Games: Several game titles have been said to be made available soon, or are in their development phase. They include: Killzone: Shadow Fall, infamous Second Son, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Watch Dogs, Call of Duty: Ghosts, etc. No news on FIFA 14 or any God of War.

An awesome feature that would be associated with games is the fact that there would be usage of games among several users, something which was restricted on the Microsoft Xbox One. They can sell it to another person, lend it to a friend, or keep it forever.

There’s also the feature that allows gamers to download games online and simultaneously play them as the downloading process continues.

·         Controller: My overall best part to this new console is the controller by a long shot. The controller is wireless (obviously), has a USB port and a headset jack. It is brilliantly powered by a 3.7V 1000mAh built-in Lithium ion rechargeable battery. The Sony Dualshock 4 stacks up a Bluetooth 2.1, has a motion sensor and an exclusive to PS 4 controller is the “share” button which shares stuff on the internet ranging from game shots, gameplay videos, etc. Another new feature to the PS 4 controller (stolen from PS Vita) is the touchpad, which I would like to hope would not be as much trouble as it was on the PS Vita.

·         Price Tag: The Sony PlayStation 4 has been priced at $399, £349, N65,000 ON PRE-ORDER. The controller however, is about $60, £54, N10,000. Game prices have not been revealed though, but I don’t think they would show mercy especially with game sharing and used games possibilities available.

·         Availability: I heard it would be available in time for the Holiday season.

– Victor Enahoro Ohwo


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