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WoW !!!….

To say I know where to begin in replying this mail would be a lie. This past week has been a week of immense torture, even as I write this to you, it’s a battle between my mind and body, trying to keep myself from running into complete insanity, yes I said it! I’m an insane wreck when I’m not with you, I get far from thinking straight, I cant focus, could this be what people call a heart break? but mine is a case of near heart break, so why then does it hurt this much? or is mine a peculiar case of a shattered emotions?

Sweety, I didn’t write or call because I didn’t want want to put so much pressure on you, I wanted to give you time to think, I wanted us both to reflect on the things we held dear in the past, the things that pulled both our hearts as one, I wanted us to reflect on the good times, I didn’t in anyway desert or forget you, how could I forget one I regard as my better half, even though I had a million and one things to do, you were still itched in my thoughts.

I’m sorry, I guess this past week was just another case of wrong judgement on my part…. It’d never happen again. You’re all I want, I’m still very much in love with you and I’m determined to make you love me again… No woman would make you a happier man than I would, neither would I let any other woman take my spot…. WITH YOU IS WHERE I’D ALWAYS WANT TO BE.

N.B ..I’d remind you of all the good times we’ve had together in my next letter …

Your Love,


LETTERS OF JOE AND TARA is a series of articles, on Love, Relationships and Family to be written by the authors of JUST TALK! and THE STUDENT’S BLOG … Keep tabs with us every Tuesday…


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