You were on your way to school, and then you heard a shout; a cry for help, then you stopped, gave it a little thought, and rushed down. You helped the young man to his feet and then gave him some money to get lunch. 15 years later, someone sends you a cheque for a million dollars with the envelope reading “thanks for lunch”.

                You were in a bus, and then some really rich-looking guy came to sit next to you. His perfume was so fierce; it was making you sneeze repeatedly. His cap kept hitting you each time he turned his head, and he did turn his head a lot. Even the way he asked you to make room for him on the seat was so rude and pompous of him. So when he got up, his wallet slipped out of his pocket and although it wasn’t your bus stop, you picked it up, came out of the bus, ran after him and gave it to him. He smiled widely and said “Thank you very much”, and thus began your relationship with him. Now you’re married to this awesome, charitable, loving, young man who was once just another pompous passenger on a bus.

                In a bus another day, an old woman steps in. When the conductor asks her to pay her fare, she then realises she must have dropped her purse somewhere she can’t seem to remember. She then tries to explain to the conductor, but he refuses to listen. Then you stepped up and paid her fare. You saved this woman from all the embarrassment she could have face because of her simple mistake. You stepped up for this old, haggard, wrinkled, boring, slow, ugly, repulsive woman in the bus that day. And then 5 years later, you receive a letter. It’s a mail from her saying she included you in her will to inherit all the wealth she could gather until her death.

                It was a hot afternoon; you were on break from work. It’s been a very fast day, and you haven’t had enough time to squeeze in breakfast. So you step out for lunch and you buy a takeaway sandwich; all you could manage on this busy day. Then on your way out, you see a little boy. He’s definitely hungry and he’s clearly begging you for a bit of food. Saliva was pouring out of his mouth; he was drooling. His legs were as thin as broomsticks and he was obviously sick of something. Then you gave him your sandwich. Just for a split second there, you forgot your hectic day, your annoying white collar job and you helped this little guy with what could have been your first meal of the day. Then this little boy looked up to you and smiled, saying “God Bless You”.

                But no, this is not you. This is not you because you wouldn’t hear that man scream and cry for help, when you’re walking to class with your headphones banging and simultaneously running you down the highway to premature deafness. No, you wouldn’t pick up that guy’s wallet because he was rude to you and you are offended by him. You have convinced yourself that his wallet dropping is nothing but good karma for all his bad deeds. You wouldn’t help that old woman out because she’s just too old and ugly. What does she need a bus for? She should have just stayed at home with all the other old people. And losing her purse is the universe’s way of telling her to stay home and die. No, you wouldn’t put a smile on that little boy’s face because you couldn’t care less about anyone but yourself. It’s all about you and you alone. You are of this misguided school of thought that you are the centre of the world and everyone else is just obstructing you. This is you. You’ve never lent a hand to the needy, never given up anything that means something to you, never paid your tithe, and never respected any one. Welcome to the club.

– Victor Enahoro Ohwo

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