Friendly, sweet, kind and well mannered are few descriptions of Carol; the daughter of a well known magistrate, also a graduate with a first class degree in accounting, presently working with ECO bank, and a fat salary that just came with her new promotion.
Life as she knew it was normal, or as she’d like to describe, lacked excitement, her life was boring, filled with monotonous activities, and nothing riled her up like Monday mornings.

                                                ***Monday, 7:40am***

The delicious scents of freshly brewed coffee and sweet flaky pastry filled the compartment of Carol’s lungs; as she walked pass a café. Unfortunately, it could’ve been a plate of bread mould, as either ways her stomach was in tied knots; she hissed uncontrollably, wondering why weekends were like 1, 2… But weekday’s, 1—–2—–3——–
“I’m such an idiot,” she muttered as she stamped her foot angrily on the floor, “I should have serviced that car,” also suffering a headache thanks to Mother Nature and its monthly visits. That visit worsened how she felt about her job, “only an idiot would get a job in a bank, shouldn’t I have gotten something less draining?” And the
fight that ensued with Ayo, “the boyfriend,” didn’t seem to help matters as she needed someone or something to rant at (to).

Stopping abruptly in front of a tree, she was forced to question a lot of the ideals in her life, “What do I truly want out of life, what are my goals, what is my motivation?”
She had always been introspective, oftentimes to a fault, she’d become overly brooding and moody when left to her own devices. Most people didn’t see this side of her as she could be an extrovert when needed and for the past couple of years since she joined the bank as a marketer she had conveniently focused on the extrovert side and ignored the nagging thoughts about her inner self.
“Where are you going?”
“What matters to you?”
“What are you contributing to the world?”

She wasn’t one comfortable with flitting through life aimlessly but for the goal of getting through the next day or the next week. With no goals, she needed to make an impact. How? She had no idea just yet.

***7:55 am***
The loud horn of an incoming truck, snapped her back to the real world, she hurriedly rushed off to the office with a conviction she was going to answer but one question first, “what do I truly want out of life?”
Narrowly missing the boss, as she sighted him drive in, whilst she rushed through the front door, trying to catch a breath, an email from Meg came through. Settling down in her rather comfy chair, it read:

“Hey darling Carol how’s you? Been awhile I heard from you, I hope you are having fun? (Ha! if only she knew) I’m still in Abuja, just in case you forgot, since you never check up.
I heard about your promotion from Tunde.
I congratulate you upon your having secured a promotion so early, unlike people like us, still into “runs”, can’t complain, it pays enough to secure my needs and can be fun sometimes.
Anyways let me not bore you with my ramblings; you probably have a lot of other stuff to do. Holla when you can. Yours Meg.”

***later in the day***
After running errands for the boss, sitting tiredly in her chair, From the second she sat on the rolling black office chair, the contents of Meg letter replayed through her thoughts, playing over and over in her head like some kind of sick YouTube video on repeat. She thought about it while she managed to multi task, shuffling between the thoughts thudding in her head and the piled up paper work to be cleared before 4pm (closing hours).

Even while she sat in the board room listening to what seemed to be a sermon given by Mr Adekunleshe tried to glue back pieces of her sanity about to fall apart, if she didn’t search for a solution to the issues in her life. With the phones ringing of the rales, she decided to take a walk, maybe sitting at her fav spot, under the tall mahogany tree as that spot was particularly cool, and tended to urge anyone into deep uninterrupted thoughts, maybe just maybe this would yield the fruits to her turmoil.

Follow up with LIFE, AS CAROL KNOWS IT , every Thursday … See y’all next week. 🙂



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