See Joe’s letter here : LETTERS OF JOE AND TARA 001


To my Dearest Joe….

I’m sorry I’ve been rather distant lately I’ve had issues with work, and this distance is just a reflection of extreme pain, I’m hunted by the moments we share especially when you are away, and I turn to work, I preoccupy my mind so I don’t brood on this torture I’ve got to pass through when you are not with me.

Please darling, don’t leave me now when I need you the most, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me in the past, I know I cant fully repay you, but let me show you love like no other, let me kiss away the pain, let me be the one to hold your hands through the hurricane, let us bare together fruits born out of love.

Before you uproot this tree, think on the great moments we shared together, the times we were happy together, the smiles, we’ve been through so much for us to throw that away over my foolishness… please baby, please don’t ruin this love because of my carelessness and negligence, don’t break my heart. I’d be helpless without you.

Yours Forever,


LETTERS OF JOE AND TARA is a series of articles, on Love, Relationships and Family to be written by the authors of JUST TALK! and THE STUDENT’S BLOG … Keep tabs with us every Tuesday…

Have a great week … 🙂


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