The first time we met
Under the sunset, caught in a net,
Entranced by your eyes
My belly let loose a thousand fire flies

Love at first sight? No,
Just glistering eyes, filled with an identical glow
Days became weeks, weeks became months,
An alliance speedily grown
Loneliness soon to be unknown

Starting out, it was as water to oil,
A lasting impression soon soiled
With a surrendering aggression,
We formed a rhythm, none could question

Like pieces of a jig saw
Or peas in a pod, void of every flaw
This love lyrics, soon to become a jam
Another melodious alarm

They said we’d not last
That our love would soon be in the past
Their expectations surpassed
Our love was made to outlast

Until, the unforeseen,
Fate, played dean on the scene
A bright future just became bleak
An exceptional love, suddenly in a wreak

A sunny day, transfigured into an eclipse
Across the road, fear grips
An incoming truck, *clip*
The environ in chaos, you took a trip

Standing devastatingly stunned
I was caught in this trance, glued
A hand clenches my chest,
Could this sort of hurt be guessed?
Could beauty, instantly become a beast?

Or had my organ of sight began to lie?
All else remained still, but the piercing cries
Was this demise a disguise?
My world spinning, blood splattering, sigh

A life cherished, now left destroyed
A love deep, translated into pain endured
The perfection of two hearts, laid broken
The warmth of pleasure now cold
A vibrant smile of Joy,
Now an overwhelming cascade of sorrow
And a once blossoming rose, a withered leaf

I felt loneliness, heartbreak,
Confusion, all moulded in agony
I was yet another victim, of a cruel misfortune
The subject of a sad story, soon to be told

Waking up frantically
A smile creeps up my chin, affably
As my arm brushes against your skin
Then I realise you’re still here, with me,
It was only but a dream.


And I just had the attach this video …. #tanx kemi!!  🙂

Attraction (Shadow Dance Group) on Britian’s Got Talent



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