DOCTORS IN THE MAKING, Acting like a doctor is a crucial step to becoming a doctor, that’s why it’s essential to wear your well ironed, WHITE(not cream or brown) lab-coat with a stethoscope, plus there’s an extra brainy feeling that comes with it “the efiko syndrome”. 🙂

The DOCTOR’S UPGRADE, Did you know doctors get upgraded to business class when flying (I meant on aircrafts now, don’t get it twisted). How else will the flight attendants be aware of your doctor or pending-doctor status if you don’t wear your stethoscope?

All my “APROKO’S“(sorry don’t have the direct english meaning to that, as you read on I’m sure you’d understand) in the house, did you know your stethoscope could be used for eavesdropping, its a better option than holding glasses up to walls, when those your friends with super hot gist are having the “conversation” next door, you can simply hold your stethoscope to the wall, (with the diaphragmatic part) and listen to all the dirty, gross, hot and maybe sizzling gossip. 😉

The FUTURE SURGEONS, y’all planing on going into surgery, this may be your only opportunity to rock your stethoscope to its full, because in the near future you’d be dealing with scalpels, retractors, forceps to say the least and those are only glorified behind closed doors….. You’ve got time to have a rethink though…


Assuming, you run into “MC DREAMY” (can never tell where you’d find yours), your stethoscope might give the focus a pick-up line, for example, “Excuse me miss, you just made my heart skip a beat. Care to hear?” Then you’d be offering free health check-ups to all the attractive males… with your Mc Dreamy inclusive. 🙂

Wearing your stethoscope on a LONG TRAIN TRIP back from probably Simferopol to Donetsk, imagine how many times you could listen to your heart and lungs, you’d be a pro at identifying normal heart sounds by the end of it, and if you’re the out-going type, you can always practice on the other passengers. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it, especially when you notice an irregularity and you provide them with tips on how to control it.

Lastly in EMERGENCY SITUATIONS, “I’m a doctor” would sound much more impressive if you look like one, and you’d be faced with little or no questions concerning your capabilities, that gives your confidence a boost as you’d seem super intelligent by providing a little first aid.


Feel free to leave your views, and your comments are most welcome.



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