Hey everyone, so incase y’all missed the first one … click LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN #1 by Victor


Oh! The look on her face when you tell her something really important; she would pout her lips, blink her eyes and swallow her saliva giving you nothing but hope that she had something utterly brilliant to say, that would turn your day from a load of crap into a bundle of joy. She did not.

            When she steps up to the microphone ready to bless your ears with the harmony of angels; She would open her mouth like the special number she was about to render was one that would take your mind away from the melting polar ice caps and place you on a mountain with the sweet high altitude wind blowing every single strand of your hair – Turned out she sounds like a pig being stuffed while it was still alive.

            When you guys are walking and she touches you. Her soft palms caressing your firm shoulder, making you feel like this moment is one that would last in your hearts forever. You can feel two souls connecting and resolve that finally heaven has shown you favour and blessed you with someone very special. You later found out she only held you so she would not fall off her six-inch high wedge shoes.

            When you are driving home and you see your house covered in a cloud. Joy fills your heart that you and your lover are going to rest for the remainder of the day in the solitude of your home which has been isolated by a random, ever so dramatic 3pm fog cast around your humble abode.  Only to find out, all that fog was just smoke from her cooking, and now all that solitude you thought to enjoy was now shared between you, your lover and the local fire department workers.

            When you guys are going out on that special Friday night dinner; the feeling that your baby is going to dress like an angel and light up what has been a rather stressful week for you, and most importantly, make all the other men in the restaurant jealous – Only for her to arrive dressed like Lady Gaga, with make-up that makes her look like the Joker.

             The best part of all this was; you didn’t even care at all. As long as she did not say anything, sing outside the house, fall from her shoes, cook, and put on any form of make-up, you were as happy as you could ever be. Because you loved her, and she loved you too and that was all that ever seemed to matter.

– Victor Enahoro Ohwo 


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