Hello everyone, Soo I got a really funny but thought provoking question earlier this week by a reader (whoop whoop!!! People are actually reading).. So the question was; how would do you find the ONE??… Here’s my opinion on the subject… πŸ™‚
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“A home is any four walls that enclose the right people”
Now you may have been asking, “whom should I fall in love with”, “how do I identify the right person for me”, “whom should I marry”. Then you’d go seeking for answers, everyone has an advice for single people, in search of the right person and love.
Well my opinions on the matter is, loneliness is not the absence of affection but the absence of direction. bearing that in mind, we all need to take the right paths on our search.
Here are some steps I think would help in your search;

Know yourself :
When you feel that consuming vacuum, do you go updating every social network? Do you need people to constantly validate you?
When you feel insecure and alone, are you likely to look for anyone to fill the vacuum and probably give you security, would you be looking for someone that would make you feel wanted, worthy, adequate or you just want to fit into society?
The problem is a person looking to get love will attract a person also looking to get love, not realising that you both really have nothing to give. Therefore if you are in this category, your mindset is wrong and you might end up broken.
So instead of asking, “Is he/she the right person for me” why not ask “have I built myself for the right person? Do I have love to share?”
This is because when you can’t love, validate yourself, create an inner sense of worthiness and security, you certainly can’t do these for any other person.
The reason many relationships don’t work is because both parties are disappointed in not getting what they excepted to get from the other person(why do you expect to get so much when you give sooo little??)

How will you know when you meet the right person :
There are two different reasons people have for wanting to be with someone,
– to get love, validation, security and safety.
– to share love and grow emotionally and spiritually.
What category do you fall into?
Movies, songs and fiction lead us astray with the idea that there’s probably “a knight in a shining amour” or “a perfect woman or man”, seeking for a mate is not a matter of waiting for that one and only to sweep you off your feet, saying your “soul mate” is out there is an illusion, you should seek with all prayerfulness and diligence to find a mate with whom you can be compatible with. Because most times, the love or passion might not be felt for so long, so when the passion wares off, something else has got to hold you both together.
In conclusion, No one can fill up that vacuum for you, no human has that ability and its unfair to expect anyone to do so, only you in conjunction with God can.

taken today by sheddyDoxa πŸ™‚




  1. Excellent job! You did justice to this topic. No one really finds solace outside of himself. It’s something that God handles within and the it flows out like streams of living water.
    You are unique and wise. Glad I stumbled upon your blog. I’ll sure stick around it! πŸ™‚

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