Dear med school,

So I agree, I chose this path, I feel in love with the idea of nursing children, then a little oblivious (okay, maybe a little more) of what It’d entail. Now that I’m in it, I can’t say it’s what I anticipated.
There are a lot of things I’ve sacrificed for you. I’ve given up sleep in favour of past questions, dating as far back as 2000 with 200 questions each and still be faced with the usual tests and modules. I’ve also said goodbye to normal relationships (not entirely true though) 🙂

Well, *with sighs from a throbbing headache, an oedematous lower eyelid and a gradual development of kyphosis* I finally acknowledge that not only does the mastery of the systemic working of human being require time, but most importantly medicine isn’t necessarily for the “geeks” but for the patient and consistent.
This is to every medical student, that sometimes tend to feel like me, (that consuming feeling of not being equal to the task, like there are certain things you should know but you just can’t remember or you just feel like you ain’t “intelligent” enough), because with a few years spent in med school, I’ve watched myself and friends also colleagues fall into your trap and be consumed by it. Sucked into a vortex so strongly that help-seeking becomes an impossibility.
So I’ve learnt to constantly remind myself, I’m up-to the task, that I’m that “intelligent” to study, understand and remember, that all it takes is time and I’d amaze myself, and of course by His grace I’d surpass my expectations and that of everyone-else (that scenario where it seems like a lot of people are waiting for you to just mess up 😦 …yea, #sad!!), added to that I plan on praying, studying, eating and studying more.

With all that said,
Dear med school; remember this: I will not give up, I will become a doctor, and a great one for that matter. 🙂 *shrugs*. I will change this world, I will heal the sick, despite the obstacles you challenge me with, I will grow stronger and dedicate my life to making sure my environ and the world is a better place, because I was born to be a BLESSING!

****Once upon a time, med school was thought to sort the intelligent from the “dullards”, I don’t believe this for a minute, you should to.

that’s the smile of a WINNER!!




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