*waves*.. now that I’m done waving..


As y’all have noticed or rather as I’ve noticed, I and writing have got a rather peculiar oscillating relationship, one second we are best friends, sharing huge hugs and kisses, other times we are like the couple that embark on their last meal together, before one harshly *tells the other off* and ends it with one leaving and the other crying with rolls of tissue handed in, and with little or no consolation, the other rudely storms off……. Whoosh *into thin space*.
I get that every now and then, other stuff would get me preoccupied seeing that I’m a medical student and I got LOADS to read (you can’t begin to imagine), and as I anxiously wait for the the life after 3rd year. The times of having to breath in fresh air, with my lungs expanding normally and not leaving me with guesses of if just maybe I was going to drop from a rare case of incomplete atelectasis because of the strain and tachycardia from med school.
So in a couple of months for the first time in a long time since I got into this “asylum”, I’ll have nothing to do. Well, that’s not entirely true, but I’d have less to do, that it’d feel like just about nothing compared to what I’m doing right now.
So as my writing takes the back sit… I still find myself caught in a rather rude state of hypnagogia, *grinning from ear to ear right now* ( did you just navigate away to check a dictionary, it better be a medical one though), I like the fact that I could pull one of these stunts on y’all once in a while..
Soo as I was saying being caught in a state hyper-focus, with all mine impulses concentrated on a focal point (success) mine not of a case of psychiatry though, this is actually one of idiosyncrasy, I made it part of my daily routine to ponder on a my life of success. My success story, still the one I’ve got mapped out, can only be achieved by His grace, seeing that all the steps to actualise this dream is still a little vague, yet I need this dream to be tangible, I need to make it so real, that its all I think of, that no matter what I see or I’m faced with that I’d never deviate from it.
But one thing is sure cant wait to be done with Med School ….. me and this song we got a connection….


Tasha Cobbs – Without you


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