SEEDS or CHAFF by Helen

Just thinking while chilling.
Hmm…..The difficulty in telling apart,
the ‘Seeds’ from the “Chaff”.

Impossible without the help of ‘The Winds’
or as the case may be, the power of  “The Floods”
The inevitable seperation of the ‘Seeds’ from the “Chaff”.

Oh mankind! The strangest of all creation.
So it always has been and will continually be,
a wide range of variables within the thickness of skin.

As life goes on…..
“The Floods” carry the “Chaff” away in all directions
and surely the ‘Seeds’ remain after ‘The Winds’ have come and gone.

Well don’t get me wrong,….
Bouyant weevil infested ‘Seeds’ are also blown away
leaving the healthiest of ‘Seeds’ more room for survival

Now, this is very tough
but let life be the judge of who stays or goes.
Although trying to gather the blown away seems ideal,
the exposure of one’s ‘Seeds’ to weevils ain’t being real.
The greatest of ‘Seeds’ remaining after ‘The winds’ and “The floods” are over,
are really worth all the love, care and attention
so……….Let it be!
–  Kulest Nelie A.K.A  Helen


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