Hey “guys”, hope y’all had an awesome day….anyways enough of ma bla… here’s a beautiful piece which I totally connect to (forget it, wont tell ya where I fall) from the darling Afoma, y’all should check out her blog Ihunda’s musings: Those Little Things (I’m sure you’d definitely love) .. k Enjoy 🙂



Hey guys, today I’m exploring a topic I’ve been thinking about for quite a while, but before we start can we just take a moment to appreciate the total genius of my title. I’m not sure what figure of speech that is but it’s gotta be something! Okay, I digress. I’m honestly sure what I’ll be writing about, but I was planning to actually talk about some of the similarities I observed among medical students and maybe talk a little about the different types of medical students that I’ve personally noticed and what I think about them, of course you did not think I would do this without giving my ever so refreshing opinion, did you? So, let’s get started;

Different Strokes for Different Folks

I’m feeling very literary today people, see my heading? 😉

1.       The Enthusiast: I used to be in this club when I started medical school. I’m still a bit of it anyway, but I’m more in another club now. These are those who are first timers at heart. They ask questions about everything! They’re excited about everything they learn. They vibrate in excitement when they see a cadaver and they’ll probably shout out answers before they’re asked. We need patience to deal with them especially when we’re not in their club. They’ll excitedly chatter about how a scene in Grey’s anatomy reminds them of something they’ve just learned. They will not allow other people study in peace, they’ll ask three questions for every paragraph they read.

2.       The Poser: This guy is probably a medical student just so he can tell his friends that he’s a medical student. Yes, these people exist. Now, the posers are not dumb. They range from B plus students to C plus students (or worse), but their grades are okay, most times. They are the ones who take pictures in their lab coats every day, not because they like pictures or are photogenic but they are doing ‘’see my lab coat’’. They take pictures  with cadavers, with face masks and anatomy portraits. I feel bad for their facebook friends and instagram followers who have to see this every day. They take more photos of their anatomy textbooks than they read them. We are all proud of being medical students and we’ve all done the mask and lab coat poses but the poser takes it to a new level.

3.       The ‘’Efiko’’: These guys may or may not sleep in the library. You know there are effortless and hardworking efikos but the point is that they’re at the top of the food chain (literary genius strike 3!). They get A’s like it’s sneezing and they smile and say ‘’It’s easy noww’’. Then us normal people want to hit them, but it’s okay. They may or may not be stingy with their knowledge, most times they aren’t actually. They do well in even silly subjects like Philosophy and pass Ukrainian culture in flying colors. We love to hate our ‘’Efikos’’. Some of them are cunning and like to talk and gallivant after studying, but we see your plans and jump and pass, Amen.

4.       The ‘’Laissez-faire’’: This guy does not care what goes down in school. He misses classes and may or may not struggle during exams, may not because he’s a hidden efiko who just loves to show off his power cramming skills, may because he’s just a lazy bum who loves to sleep and miss classes. Either way, like P-Square ‘’He doesn’t kay’’.

5.       The Mystery Medico: Ha! I totally deceived you on this one. Now this guy isn’t mysterious per say, he  just makes us ponder the mystery of why and how… he got into med school. He cannot answer questions like; ‘’What is the cranium?’’ and leaves us with our jaws touching the ground. I hope you understand what I mean. We do our best to teach them, because well, we love them too.

       The Similarities

1.       Love for music: Now, I’m not saying medicos are the only ones who love and appreciate good music, but it has come to my attention that over 95% of medical students cannot  live without music. It’s actually amazing because it has become another unifying factor among us. Now, instead of just talking about our time consuming courses, we can also share what new albums have been released. Honestly, so many musicians need to have special concerts for medical students only ;). I’ve asked myself why, in true Afoma fashion and I’ve come to the conclusion that we just need to escape! Even more than the average student. This our struggle life is just fried beans man. Plus, music keeps some people awake while they study during those all nighters. Medical students, well most of us are also into other forms of art, another which has caught my attention being writing, blogging. Many amazing blogs are run by medical students. Some of the best poems and stories I’ve read have been written by medical students. Most times, medical students leave med school to pursue their interests in art like Chimamanda Adichie, Emeli Sande and even Jay Sean. Don’t forget the fashion too! We’re gifted people basically. 😉

2.       Love for people: I’m not saying every medical student is happy to talk to people or will welcome conversation with a smile, I mean people are different. But I’m sticking with my more than 95% rule again. We love people and after money and prestige, wanting to help people is high on many of our reasons to be doctors. Many of us even have people as our number one reason to be doctors. So if you see a medical student in a hospital, ignore our eager beaver expression, we’re not just eager to put an injection in you but we also want to help in any way we can. We also love each other and minus the occasional girl quarrels, we’re pretty cool with each other and we support each other in any way possible in our very competitive course. So, yes all I’m really saying is that we’re the cool kids you heard about ;), don’t be jealous. Your children can be doctors too, it’s not an exclusive club.

3.       We’re TOTAL foodies!!:  Again, more than 95% of medical students are complete food lovers. We cannot survive without it. Cool fact for you guys; Did you know that the energy requirement for medical students is same as  for a miner or metallurgical worker? Our brains work overtime, you know and we need to fuel up as often as possible. This is why most people leave med school fatter (it’s hard to lose weight when you have to refuel often), thinner (if you’re not an eater) or same (I just have to cover all bases) than  they were when they got in. So be nice, if you see that a med student has added weight or lost weight, its not our fault. And if you have a medical student as a girlfriend, take her out to eat, a lot! Food makes us happy (or maybe just me) and give back massages when she has been studying for hours! She’ll love you for it.

So, this is where the fun ends! Do I hear a collective sigh of regret? All good things come to an end people and as a medical student I should off studying something instead of writing my life away. If you made it down here, thank you. The point of this post is to encourage all medical students, we are awesome and amazing! If you’re not one of us, you’re still amazing for reading this!

-Eme Umesi Afoma



11 thoughts on “THE ANATOMY OF MEDICAL STUDENTS by Afoma

  1. …*Smiles*…Lovely piece dear…one more thing, we look forward to a day when asked what we do for a living, we can smile and simply say, “We Save Lives”…*wink*

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