Okay, I really don’t know what to call this but that night..of 10th October 2012, I wrote this, practically shivering…after I watched a video (I later learned I shouldn’t have watched).
Though I couldn’t really concentrate and get up from my knees where I wrote this piece…this genuine prayer was birthed..and a poem too..

I call it ‘inspired’ cos a part of this prayer came as I reflected on a comic strip that showed someone drowning and people video-covering him(instead of helping!!!-SMH).. Ahhh!You may not have gotten the video I’m talking about… I’m referring to the one-time-much-talked-about Aluu killing….

I prayed…

God, please help me realize,
That as i talk about or condemn the acts of others, any unforgiving spirit in me,
that ‘tiny,winy’ lie makes me equal to
The man who murdered, who cursed or embezzled.
God please, help me
that as others may drown in life, I wouldn’t be
A spectator, but an angel instructed to help
Please help me from falling
And if at all I do,
Please raise help for me to rise again
God, please help me today and always, not
Just to speak of what I stand against-wickedness, dishonesty, immorality, etc
But also what I stand for-Jesus, the only living God.Amen
Help me, teach me, to number my days and walk in the light of your holiness &Glory. Amen

Then came the poem:

People are dying
And I’m hustling for what?
When life is so short,
For spilled milk I’m crying

They didn’t have their chance
But I have today
‘ Can’t spend it only on drink and dance
To live it would be my turn someday/

People are dying
But I have today
I can take my chance
To be better than me yesterday
and be all I ought to be…
– Ruth Diyan’ Ebe


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