Hey everyone, I must say, Victor is becoming very competent, plus I always love to read from him… Hope y’all enjoy this piece as much as I did.. 🙂



As a medical student, it didn’t come as a surprise when I began studying the female reproductive system. I first studied the anatomy of it (that wasn’t fun) then I studied some mechanisms on its operation. One that really amazed me was the idea of “Menstruation”. It’s a rather disgusting process when it happens, but the real amazing thing is how it happens.
It basically starts from the female ovum (egg) which matures and undergoes a variety of changes in the ovary and when it has come of a certain age, it is released from the ovary to the uterus (womb) through the oviduct. At the uterus, if the ovum is not fertilised it then ruptures and dies. That’s not the full story though, the truth is, while the ovum is busy doing its thing in the ovary, a different process occurs in the uterus as it prepares to accept this forbidden fruit if at all the gods of sperms do so much as to bless it with one of their loyal subjects and make this unsuspecting ovum into a glorious zygote. But the really annoying part is the look on the uterus’ face when it finds out that the condom didn’t slip or that little miss sunshine is still in her abstinence phase or somehow, the ovum managed to avoid all its invaders; it begins to boil in anger and throws away all the cells it had previously prepped up in anticipation to grow a real human being. The shed of these cells and the haemorrhage (bleeding) that follows as they pass through the “place which must not be named” is called…MENSTRUATION.
This whole process occurs in about 28 days. That means that some girls could menstruate for 12 times in a year (because February is included). I assume there would be pain and anguish accompanied by it, and sometimes the bleeding lasts 5 days.  The most painful thing about menstruation is the other option; pregnancy. If the sperms deem it fit to fertilise the ovum or if the ovary did not send out a super evader ovum, or if Mr Enthusiasm was too impatient to put on a condom before ‘the incident’, the uterus gladly accepts the fertilised zygote with open arms, implants it, feeds it for some time before the placenta takes over, and then 9 months later decides to give it to the world which would either embrace it as a gift from God, or call it an abomination. This process compels the woman/lady/girl to literally cultivate a human being inside her womb (not stomach!!!) for 3 quarters of a year, while rendering her useless for the most part. Oh! And if she survives those 9 months she has to use whatever is left of her to push ‘said human’ out of her “place which must not be named”. So the choice is simple; bleed 12 times a year, or carry a human being for 9 months…choose wisely.
My first reaction when I heard this news was a sigh of relief that I was not a female and not subjected to that amount of torture. I also began to understand some things about women:
•    Why they always know what date it is.
•    Why they can be very happy today and all of a sudden very sad or angry tomorrow.
•    Why they have different bathrooms.
•    What always ultra was for. (Am I the only one that didn’t understand the advert? Really?? Pouring water on a handkerchief?? Really??)
•    Why our female chemist attendant kept stealing condoms by the dozen.
Most importantly, it developed a form of greater respect for them. All men have to do is work hard enough to keep everyone around me happy, and occasionally donate sperms for the multiplication of this human race, that’s all. Then why are men always complaining about how hard life is?? To me it’s like women are the ones suffering and they still get reproached, pushed aside and shoved off when they try to step up from where they are in spite of what they are going through. Women deserve better treatment than what they are used to receiving from men and who better to provide it than the offenders themselves?
So I hereby challenge every male person reading this piece right now to make at least 3 females happy this week. Make them feel good enough to forget, for a minute, how hard it is to be them, and remember how great it is to have you here for them every single day, every single turn of the head. Make them realise that being what they are is not a curse from the universe but a blessing to our world today. Have a blessed week.
– Victor Enahoro Ohwo.


6 thoughts on “LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN #1 by Victor

  1. Victor you have out done yourself this time. Yes the woman is to be treasured but mark you it’s not all pain,when the”human”arrives nothing beats the joy of childbirth.

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