Hey everyone,

Hope you had an awesome week and for everyone that had exams this week, hope yours was better than mine. I had an internal disease oral exam today, 8am to be precise, I had clues on what to expect but mehn…..
Even from the bathroom, I was terrified… and a recurring scenario would play before my eyes : Upon attempting to answer her questions, everything I revised would just vaporize. Vanish. Disappear. Leave. And I’d be left staring into thin space, and I bet that a pair of “malu” horns would just appear on my head, as the peering eyes of my teacher and fellow group mates pierce through me, and I’d still not be able to move my lips.

I dressed up and managed to get to the venue on time, probably that would boost the confidence I seemed to be deficient in this morning. Sitting in her office I said a “mind prayer” (at least I shouldn’t be called up first), let me gather a little momentum, I’d probably feel better if someone else goes first.
Then, of course your guesses are right, yours truly was called up first, I was in a state of complete panic, (even at this moment, those reasons still elude me), don’t get me wrong, I studied well for this exam, still I was quivering like a fish taken out of water, my hands were shaking, my heart and thoughts racing, I convincingly told myself I was breaking down with tachycardia. A few seconds after the first question was dished, I managed to take a deep breath, reassuringly telling  myself, I CAN DO THIS, for the first time in a looooooong time, I was really nervous during an oral test, my confidence was at level 0!! 😦

The lady now bombarding me with questions, from assessing the general state of the patient, comparative percussion, the diseases, mitral valve assessment, at that moment, in my head, I was like pleeeeease, just relieve me of this dyspnoea, let me sit down already…… 😦 …. and it’s particularly annoying when you actually know the answers, still yet fumble.
Finally it was over with a zillion and one corrections, which obviously proved I was an anxious wreck at the time, thank goodness, nothing so extreme happened!
All the same, I still wish I maintained a level of composure so that the information acquired the night before would remain in my brain instead of leaving it as questions were thrown, a little more diffusion than vaporization, during this oral exam.
I could drone on and on and bore you to extinction with this oral exam- related complaints. But I’ll be kind and spare you today!!

Have a great day …


3 thoughts on “RAPID HEART RATE

  1. Always invite the Holy Spirit to calm your nerves. It is well, I trust that in spite of the bout of nerves you will excel

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