*clears throat*
Hey everyone, how are y’all doing? your week? (Yea, it just started)… Just thought I should ask…….
Got back from school about 2hrs ago…. School was school nothing “ghen ghen”..
Had some brain muscling class on atherosclerotic and angina pectoral drugs and another class on respiratory diseases, talking about emphysema, pneumoconiosis (yawning already?)…….. life of a medical student….. We love what we do, not like sometimes, I don’t wonder what the heck I’m doing in med school (esp. that annoying moment, when you’ve been reading for over an hour and it seems you just read a page).
*chips in*
meet betty…. (CUTE, I know!!!)
Well if you notice, I’m trying to write a totally spontaneous piece, (biting my nails, thinking, “this thing is meanta flow naturally”, like i should have all the words in place, since I just intended to describe my day).
Writing this cos a lot of peeps are asking for something about me, they wanna know what goes on in my life from time to time (my personal details are needed, what for? I have no idea, probably that might help y’all get to know me better), so I decided to tackle that staring with this random post, then a post on my “Opinions” in general, which I’d post as soon as possible, I’d start that with whatever comes to my head, and as time goes on, if y’all want my opinion on a subject just send to my email (omoleye90@yahoo.com) that might just give you more light on what runs in the mind of this regular extraordinary( whatever that means??) medical student ;), it deals with everything pertaining to spirituality, life, school, my present society or environ, my emotions(trust me, there’s a whirl wind of emotions beneath the hard surface, it just takes a little cracking), the economy(yea the love for money) and style, talking about style (check out my other works on STYLE CRAVINGS  ).
I’d also put up wish lists from time to time, depends on my present craving( hoping someone would decide to make some of my wishes come true) *winks*.. and that person would be you in Jesus name!! (didn’t hear an amen??).
Then if you are still thirsty for more insight on me, my thoughts page might help (have a page up on that already )….
You might still ask, what if that doesn’t do…… hmmm, I suggest you see me in my chambers, we’d sort em all out . 🙂
Anyways, hope I’d do better justice to my next spontaneous “rambling”…..
Gotta go, got a case history to write…
Then lest I forget, wanna say a Big Thank You, to everyone that took and are still taking out time (that might not be the correct way to say that, English! I’d polish it up) to view my blog, and all those that voted on the poll, Random Post… … I’d write more poems..
God bless you.
Average Girl – Barlow Girl


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