My #06 .. ๐Ÿ™‚

This relationship, between you and me
Isn’t as of relatives, time, race orย  sin
Cos You’ve resolved to love me forever
Unfailing, never fair-weather

Your grace, is why I’m living
Not of my works, reliving
But for Your love,
You called me beloved

I’m not devoid of sin,
Yet you granted me unmerited favor,
Barren of condemnation,
You shield me from damnation

There were times, I felt alone
But You were there, then unknown
In my pain, You were present
Healing my broken heart’s torment

Writing this poem,
Awesome, is the recurring word
But even my heart, has not the right words
To elucidate, who and what You’ve perfected,
Calling it Your preferred

Now and still growing, to know You more
I have grown, your love in me soars
I love You like water is wet,
Like old English, Amazing,
Yet impossible to understand

Funny, I’ve not seen You,
Still You fill my heart with sugar plum smiles
Nothing lasts,but you,
This love, to reach me, traveling through miles
In Your epiphany, I stand in awe of your love

For before I knew me, You loved me
I love you,
Because you first loved me
I Love You, Forever.


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