Walking into Mr Ajayi’s office, stunned with the sight she beheld, Yetunde’s mouth flung open, at same spot she stood glued;
Cece was bent over him, her eyes closed, she let out a soft gasp ringing with delight, her hair covering part of her face, she bit her lower lip, with her nails dug deep into the flesh of his back, she watched Mr Ajayi work his hands on her behind, gliding over her smooth skin, his smile turned into a smirk as he stared into her watchful eye, his lips became teeth grazing her skin and she shivered with appreciation, bringing his lips to cover hers, he muffled, “Darling you know I love you.”
Hearing those words, with different thoughts streaming in her head and an uncontrollable anger welling up, she was yet taken aback by her thoughts.


Earlier that morning, dressing up for economics class;
“I’ve got other things to do after class, so we won’t be coming back together”, Cece said.
Why? “I’VE GOT STUFF TO DO”, she said defensively, Yetunde dropped the subject seeing Cece was touchy about it.

Shaking off that thought, she screamed, “Is this the “STUFF” you had to do??”
Realizing Yetunde was in the room, frozen, Cece stared at her. Angrily, Yetunde stormed out of the office, slamming the door with a picture that’s irreversible to wipe, impregnated not just into her mind but her heart also.

Cece chasing after her; “Darling wait, I can explain”
Not turning back, Yetunde headed straight home, with one thought, “We are sooo done”
Cece rushed in, “baby I’m soo sorry”, crying, She tries to explain….

*Recap of what transpired*
“From the first time I set my eyes on Mr Ajayi, I had a triggering feeling of lust, then I began to question my sexuality” tears clouding Yetunde’s eyes…”Baby I love you, you know I always will” she hurriedly chipped in.
“From the first time,” she began again, “we locked eyes, it was like an extra pacemaker was instilled in my heart, I experienced a combo of feelings I never knew existed, it was a mixture of want, passion, anxiety, deep flushes of desire… It was like a young volcano just erupted on my insides, truth be told hun, a feeling I had never felt with you”.
“Someone shoot me right now, is this what I get for being faithful??” Yetunde yelled.

“As fate would have it, we kept colliding on every corridor in school, it was as if the more I tried to avoid him, the more of him I saw, and an unexplainable physical attraction between us, intensified with each collision, it was like an extra brick was added to the ton of bricks hitting me every single time. For days, I came home with the idea of Mr Ajayi residing entirely in the realm of a perfect fantasy, I felt caught in a whirlwind of desire gouging out my eyes and rendering me an irrational mess, the draw was everything but weak, it felt pre-destined.”

“Days after, concluding I’d test out this fiery allure, I walked into his office, with nothing in particular to say. I stood in a trance with Mr Ajayi’s eyes encompassing my body, it fired me up, there was a tangible sense of longing in the air, storming across the room towards him, my hand reached for his fly. I straddled across him, I sat atop his member and kissed him hungrily, playing with his tongue and all kinds of sensations roamed my body. I felt strangely elated by the tingly feeling of being tickled on my insides, it was like rainbows and chocolates for a kid. Hot flushes suddenly flooded my entirety, my tummy cringed from the thought of times spent with him.”

“I’m sorry I cheated baby, I just found myself entangled in lime twigs, my emotions clouding my judgment and these thoughts, God forgive me. Sweetheart please understand”.
A rather ridiculous way of apologizing, Yetunde thought, her words muffled by hot tears streaming down her plump cheeks.
“Baby I’m so sorry, you had to find out this way, I swear I was going to tell you”.
“Please stop with the sweet names!!”

I’d be back next week, same time with a concluding story… #peace.. 🙂


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